Will Population Control Guarantee Utopia?

overpopulation 01 Will Population Control Guarantee Utopia?

The Director of the British Antarctic Survey claims that the global population is much higher than the Earth can sustain. In a new environmental opinion series from BBC News entitled The Green Room, the Director states that solving environmental changes such as climate control are impossible without first tackling the issue of over-population.

In the recent Montreal Summit “beyond Kyoto”, over 10,000 delegates came together to discuss the control of carbon emissions. While an announcement was made after the summit stating that over 40 decisions were made (an “historic success”, it was ruled), Chris Rapley with Viewpoint, part of BBC News, feels the decisions made might not be sufficient to sustain an acceptable quality of life for future generations. Rapley writes that it’s almost impossible to bring together 10,000 delegates to make any kind of positive decisions in regards to the substantial amount of environmental issues currently at hand.

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