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loq kit01 Loq kit | The Prefab That Snaps

Ever feel like the American dream is slipping away, especially in regards to home ownership? Not so long ago, it wasn’t beyond the realm of possibilities for a young twentysomething urbanite to own his or her home. But today? Forget about it. Especially if we’re talking about a green house.

But luckily for twentysomething urbanites, people are coming up with innovative solutions. Patrick Freet of PAF Architecture has tackled both the issue of “G” and affordability by creating Loq-kit, which recently won 2nd place in the C2C Home Competition. Freet says the solution is to focus on technology, not the old craft-based system. Although Loq-kits are not yet for sale, Freet has created an extensive web site to open a dialogue on the designs, green building and home ownership in general.

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Marmol Radziner Prefab Coming To Venice

marmol radziner 01 Marmol Radziner Prefab Coming To Venice

Another day, another prefab. This one from the architecture firm Marmol Radziner. Yeah, the peeps who brought us the Office of Mobile Design in Santa Monica and the four bedroom, five bath prefab pseudo-mansion in Nevada (among other genius designs) are bringing their fully customizable vision to Venice, California.

Marmol Radziner, having played major hands in the design game for over 15 years, prides themselves on creating a complete environment rather than just a house. So, this recently announced Venice project is creating quite a buzz.

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Dwell Mag Isn’t Dwelling On Sustainability

dwell magazine dec 2007 01 Dwell Mag Isnt Dwelling On Sustainability

In the November edition of Dwell magazine, editor-in-chief Sam Grawe laments the ubiquitous nature of sustainability, saying it’s a fad that’s come and gone. Like a pair of acid wash jeans, sustainability has had its day. It’s overused, and he’s over it.

The final straw? Jack Bauer educating us about the dangers of global warming on an upcoming episode of 24. (Sam obviously isn’t addicted to the series as some of us are. Don’t worry Jack, you’re forgiven for what you don’t know).

dwell magazine dec 2007 02 Dwell Mag Isnt Dwelling On Sustainability

In case you haven’t worked it out, Sam is being facetious. But his point is this: amidst all the spotlight grabbing and bandwagon jumping, Dwell has been quietly, steadfastly covering sustainability for years. In fact, every edition of the magazine since 2000 has featured a sustainable project. Minus the “certified organic” stickers or sustainability sirens. It’s just as it should be: real people, working on real projects.

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