A Monkies Boyhood Dream Vehicle The Modern Airships

airship ventures zepplin 04 A Monkies Boyhood Dream Vehicle The Modern AirshipsPhotographer: KQED Quest (CC)

Since I was a kid, I have always wanted to own my very own Airship. I just thought it would be a cool thing to live on, slowly gliding over the world, exploring new places. Much better than the bumpy stomach turning ride you get on a sail boat. So, when I was out looking for photos today and came across Quest TV’s Photo of a new modern designed Airship called the Eureka, I had to embed the show. Maybe some day Airships will replace all those diesel burning freight trucks coming out of Long Beach. They could even replace the cargo ships entirely. The container ships are a major source of pollution world wide and the ballast water the ships carry is a major source of invasive species, which is helping destroy the oceans fragile eco-systems.

Here is some details about the Eureka

The Eureka is made by Airship Ventures and is not a blimp or true Zepplin. It’s something new, a hybrid. Called a Zeppelin NT, the airship hull is made of a state of the art multi layer laminated material, which is also used for NASA space suits. The gas used to lift the ship is non-flammable helium. The ship is so tough, it can be hit by lightning with little to no effect on how it flies.

QUEST on KQED Public Media. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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