Radioheads Philip Selway (drummer) Finds His Voice

By Some Miracle by Philip Selway

“When you’re the same age as the Prime Minister, you think, I’d better get on with this,” Philip Selway grins as he acknowledges the new sea change in British politics but popularity is generally a passing phase while your first album – that’s forever. Knowing time waits for no one, he has delivered Familial, a collection of sublimely fragile, haunting and heartfelt songs that will surprise many, and not only because drummers traditionally don’t do this kind of thing. Familial is so persuasively good, it sounds like Selway has always been a singer-songwriter.

The full album just came out and I am thinking of downloading it this morning, so I just thought I would share a little music joy with you.

Radiohead | All I Need (Official Video)

0 Radiohead | All I Need (Official Video)

I am continually blown away by Thom York and Radiohead. Everything they do, they seem to do with such passion and simplicity. In a simple split screen video for their song All I Need, the guys give us a glimpse of two kids lives. One kid is living the typical western privileged life with all the luxury’s money can buy. Simple things like, a bedroom, a bed, clothing, good food, schools, the luxury of having fun. The other kid, is living the other type of life, the type kids live in poor over crowed 3rd world countries. He is growing up on the floor of a factory, assembling products and sleeping on a floor.

Maybe the not so lucky kids life will stay in the minds of Radiohead fans and making them more aware of buying free trade and green items. So one day all kids can have a good life, no matter where they happen to be born.

Radiohead | Live and Green From Across the Ocean

hollywood billboard green issue top musicians radiohead Radiohead | Live and Green From Across the Ocean

A lot of musicians are down with green these days. Jack Johnson has a denim walled recording studio, Guster tours with biodiesel buses and the Rolling Stones eat organic. But no one takes it quite as seriously UK indie band Radiohead. From the digital release of “In Rainbows” and monitoring their carbon footprints to auditing their tours refusing to play Glastonbury over poor public transport, these guys walk the walk.

The latest Radiohead environmental news? The Oxford five piece put the kibosh on a promotional performance on NBC’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien because of “concerns over global warming”. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Radiohead Shows Up For Green Week on NBC Conan O’Brien

An exclusive performance of “House of Cards.” Recorded live in London to avoid a transatlantic flight to New York which would have left a carbon footprint equivalent to driving. Tom also has a few words for Mr. Bush for not waking up and working with the world to reduce Carbon Emissions.

New Radiohead album | 2 + 2 = ?

radiohead thomyork inconcert 01 New Radiohead album | 2 + 2 = ?

October 10, 2007 will go down in music history. It’s the date Radiohead releases its seventh studio album, “In Rainbows”, as a digital download available only on their website. What’s more, they’re going to let fans choose how much they pay for it – if anything at all. Really.

Oh, for $82 you can buy a special edition physical box set containing two vinyl albums, two CDs plus artwork and photographs – but that won’t be available until December 3.

By offering the digital download exclusively at their site, the British five-piece are sticking it to the music industry’s traditional business model. How are they getting away with this? Simple. They’re not attached to any record label. The only catch is, you must get the entire album. For creative reasons, Radiohead (like the Beatles) has resisted the iTunes model of offering individual tracks for sale.

radiohead priceyourownalbum New Radiohead album | 2 + 2 = ? Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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