Running Raw | Indian Ladder Trail Running Race

In this episode of the Running Raw Project: Tim heads back over to the Albany, NY area to compete in the very wet and muddy Indian Ladder 15k and 3.5 miler, and gets lots of new raw recruits.

Judita Wignall Raw in Costa Rica

judita rawin costa rica Judita Wignall Raw in Costa Rica

A couple weeks ago my husband and I headed to Mal Pais, Costa Rica for some fun in the sun. Our good friend and owner of Mary’s restaurant, a very popular seafood restaurant in Mal Pais, asked me if I wanted to come up with a raw food menu for a few nights. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity of creating a menu that utilized local ingredients but was still something special that no one else was doing in town.

Though there aren’t any exclusively raw food restaurants in the area there are a lot of vegans as well as raw options being offering at other eateries. I needed to reel the vegetarians in. My menu consisted of an appetizer of vegetable sushimaki made with coconut meat, avocado, carrots and cucumbers that came with bon bon sauce and sweet and spicy mango sauce. I also made hemp tabouli with zante currants and no-bean hummus. For my entrees, I made pistachio pesto pasta and beet ravioli with rosemary cashew cheese. For dessert, I made chocolate ganache with vanilla cream and a mango cheesecake. We put fliers up in the middle of town to lure the raw vegans and were surprised how many showed up to just to try out my offerings. It was so exciting! There’s talk now about coming back in January and February and making a nightly menu of raw specials. I’ll keep you posted!

rawjudita rawcostarica 02 Judita Wignall Raw in Costa Rica

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Lori Painter Raw Food Diet Bikini Challenge

lory painter bikini challenge 05 Lori Painter Raw Food Diet Bikini Challenge

Introduction by G Monkie:

I can admit it, I am not happy with my body. Not that I am fat, odd shaped or super out of shape, it’s just not perfect and that is my own fault. I have to face it, I just sit around looking at my computer, so what can I expect right. So, when I saw Lori Painter’s Raw Food Diet Bikini Challenge videos, I completely understood where she was coming from. I may not be as brave as she is, to toss on a bikini (I am a guy, so that would be odd and might scare some of you) and start jumping around dancing in front of a video camera, but I still related. I want to get back into shape too and if Lori can get back into Bikini shape eating a raw vegan diet, so can I. Right… That is what your saying at home.. You can do it..

You maybe asking yourself who is Lori Painter, since she hasn’t been a regular here on G Living. Lori is an amazing woman who has decided to take her raw vegan life online in her own blog called Inspire2Act. Professionally she is a health practitioner . Each week Lori completely opens up on camera about her desires, goals, struggles, children and her quest to get back into a bikini fit body.

What is this bikini body challenge all about? Lori said: “I am documenting my weight loss bikini body journey with a motivation to look good naked. My desire for a lean green clean machine is through raw foods and fun balancing workouts. Looking good naked may seem superficial, however our bodies are a reflection of self love and respect. Making the world a better place starts within us. Cleaning up the planet starts with clean people. How can we create a clean green planet if we don’t do the same with our own bodies? My aim is to inspire others to act in ways that honor their bodies and the planet at the same time. A clean body clears the mind to conscious growth and a healthy planet.”

Here we go, the first video and the before body photos. Check back every Thursday for a follow up post and video from Lori.

Video Update Number 1

Video Update Number 2

By Lori Painter

Here is a picture of me last year where I was at my ideal. I weighed: 108-110. My measurements were: 34-25-35

lory painter bikini challenge 06 Lori Painter Raw Food Diet Bikini Challenge

I did lots of internal cleansing with milk thistle, dandelion, and lemon. I worked out training 2 times a week and a 2 hour power yoga session at least once a week. I also was drinking 1 1/2 gallons of herbal tea or water a day. I did not eat until I had worked out. I earned my breakfast. I made my meals last a minimum of 20 minutes, I chewed until liquid and I ate to keep me from being hungry rather than being full. I took lots of green supplements as well as kelp for my thyroid. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

A My Way Feature | Lori Painter

myway lori painter A My Way Feature | Lori Painter

A featured post

This week’s My Way feature comes to us from health and wellness practitioner Lori Painter. Lori is the author of the very educational and extremely entertaining blog, Inspire 2 Act. In addition to her health enthusiasm, Lori is passionate about the eco living, working out and raising her two lovely kids, Alex and Megan. Lori and her family live in Southern California.

My Way: Lori Painter

Just my luck that Dhrumil asked my to be featured in “My Way” when it is winter, rainy and cold (which is rare) in Southern California. It only makes eating 100% raw more of a challenge. However, instead of eating totally raw, I have decided in the winter months to focus on hydration, greens and eating fruits and veggies versus too many gourmet recipes. I’m still working on using food to feed my emotional needs. Since I belong to an organic produce buying club, my meals tend to be very simple and repetitive. It depends on what is in season. Each week it is a little different. This is how I do things My Way.


Off to the gym to earn my breakfast. I shower from the inside out in the sauna and visualize my dream day! Today’s menu consists of simple monofoods: breakfast is 2 apples and a banana, Lunch is a green salad with an avocado based dressing. I am sure to get my daily 4 quarts of water in too. I check online messages and correspond accordingly, watch some YouTube subscriptions and post a little twitter. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

GreenChef Sarma Melngailis Got Answers

sarma melngailis got answers GreenChef Sarma Melngailis Got Answers

Photographer: Erica Michelsen

About 1 month ago asked their readers if they had any questions for restaurant owner + chef + entrepreneur and guest blogger, Sarma Melngailis. Today, on her 36th birthday, we excited to bring you Sarma’s answers. 

But, before we do that, we’d like to take a moment to say: Happy Birthday Sarma! Thank you for everything you’d done for the raw food community. Your work is an inspiration and your friendship is always appreciated. Here’s to changing the game!

 Much Love from Anthony, Shannon, Philip and Dhrumil.

Ask Sarma

q question interview GreenChef Sarma Melngailis Got AnswersAndie asks: “What’s your favorite/least favorite parts to your job? is it overall enjoyable or do you ever get really stressed out? plus, what’s your favorite snack?”

a answer interview GreenChef Sarma Melngailis Got AnswersSarma: My favorite parts to my job? First, it feels weird to even call it a “job.” It’s just me, it’s what I do, it’s what I am, and I wouldn’t do anything else. But that’s exactly one of the best parts… having all the certainty imaginable about what I’m doing. Another favorite part is getting to work with ridiculously lovely talented people. And I love meeting new people at the restaurant and making people happy. I love when new dishes, desserts, ice creams or cookies are developed at the restaurant. I love finding really cool new products to add to the oneluckyduck site. Except… right now we have a huge backlog of things I want to add to our inventory and we can’t yet add them. So, this brings me to a less favorite part of what I do.  It would have to be that I still feel that my hands are somewhat tied. This will change soon, but for now it’s challenging. I want to do so many things and not being able to do them can feel frustrating, but I’m working on that! I would love more space and resources. Sometimes I wish I could forget about it all for a while. That part is hard. Building a big business is maybe a little bit like having kids. You can’t put them back, or walk away from them. And you wouldn’t ever want to, because it’s so great and you love them (it) with all your heart and they are a part of you. But, still… sometimes my soul longs to do something mindless and without weight and responsibility. My work and home are combined into one, so there isn’t much separation, which is okay. But I really do want to take a true vacation one of these days. No laptop, no blackberry. Some of my favorite parts of what I do are also the hardest parts. Being in charge is great. But sometimes I don’t want it all to come back to me, and I wish I could just defer to someone else and go take a nap instead. Sometimes I actually do this. I have good support all around me—that’s really nice too. People I love and trust who know the overall vision, so if I need to take a mental break and run off, I can in fact sometimes do that. I should do that. Hmmmm. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

GreenChef Chad Sarno | Raw Beetroot Ravioli

chad ravioli GreenChef Chad Sarno | Raw Beetroot Ravioli

Beetroot Ravioli

Cashew-chive bourson cheese, green garlic oil, aged balsamic (raw)

This is one of my favorite and easiest versions of raw ravioli. In my Istanbul restaurant we offer many small plates, encouraging our guests to share and experience many options off of the menu. I offered this dish on our opening menu and it was by far the best selling small plate we offered for the winter and spring. It is a great starter or amusé for any Mediterranean focused meal, really giving the diner that first delicious introduction of what is to follow. The sweetness of the beetroot, and cashew based cheese is balanced out very nicely with the acid of the balsamic and spiciness of the garlic oil.


For the Ravioli:

1 Large Beet, slice paper thin rounds and marinated in garlic oil, salt and pepper

½ Cup Cashew Herb Bourson Cheese (see recipe)

Aged Balsamic

Green Garlic Oil (see recipe)

Minced Chives

Course Sea Salt to taste

Fresh Cracked Black Pepper

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GreenChef Vanessa Sherwood | White Chocolate-Strawberry Cheesecake

strawches11 GreenChef Vanessa Sherwood | White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake

“The Cheesecake that started it all! When Vanessa Sherwood posted her White Chocolate-Strawberry Cheesecake on the forum she got everybody salivating and obsessing over cheesecakes, Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Raw vs Dunkin’

raw dunkin 01 Raw vs Dunkin

Eating a raw food diet is still considered alternative. On the fringe. People don’t understand it. What is so hard to understand? Food that naturally grows from the earth, fed by sunlight. No one disputes that fresh fruits and vegetables are full of good things, and that generally, people should be eating more of them. Everyone seems to know now that nuts are good, full of “good” fats. Flax, sesame, hemp and more… most would recognize that these are also good foods. Yet, if I went on a road trip across the U.S., I know that there would be long stretches of driving where I would be hard pressed to find places where I could conveniently find and purchase natural and clean food. I would likely encounter a lot of people who would find my eating preferences unusual and odd. But I wonder, if I eat a raw food diet, does that mean that so many others out there are on a processed food diet? Are there enthusiastic processed foodists? For these people, is there an inspiring magazine called “Get Processed”? Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Raw Food Weight Loss Not Presto Chango

lasange sarno Raw Food Weight Loss Not Presto Chango

Garden Lasagna | Chad Sarno Recipe by GreenChef Chad Sarno

We’ve all heard the magical claims of “raw food equals weight loss”. And personally speaking, I’ve shed a few pounds eating raw foods. But I’ve also gained a couple eating raw foods. This isn’t because I’m a crappy magician. It’s because raw foods don’t have any mystic qualities that simply make the pounds just go poof and disappear. While that would be nice, the truth is, there is no easy fix. Weight loss doesn’t work like that.

Before you give me the evil eye, let me be the first to say that I LOVE raw foods. Any diet that incorporates copious amounts of fresh vegetables and fruit is going to be a superfantastic one in my book. And when practiced in a balanced matter, raw foods are a terrific contribution to abundant health.

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Boost Your Immune System By Eating Out

carrot juice 03 Boost Your Immune System By Eating Out

I have suffered this winter – through two bouts with norovirus and now with the x4n3, or whatever the latest flu is called. It’s been pretty miserable. I generally eat healthy, too, but over the past several years, I’ve noticed that my immune system needs a shot during flu season. This year, I didn’t give my body the extra protection, either from supplements of from eating immuno-foods Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Larabar’s Organic Jocalat

larabar 01 Larabars Organic Jocalat

LARABAR makes pretty darn good energy bars that are perfect to take along on any outdoor adventure. They are affordable, raw, vegan, gluten-free, nutritious and easy to pack. The only problem is they are not Organic. Sounds a little counterintuitive since they are raw and vegan, right?

Well, LARABAR must have realized the same thing because they just recently introduced a new line of ORGANIC chocolate bars called Jocalat (formerly known as Maya Bars). Flavors include traditional Chocolate, Chocolate Organic, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Coffee. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Roxanne Klein | The Comeback Queen

roxraw1 Roxanne Klein | The Comeback Queen

Maybe you’ve heard of her…chef and creator of the hugely popular Roxanne’s restaurant in Marin County, co-author of the un-cookbook Raw with famed Chicago chef, Charlie Trotter, and wife of wealthy environmentalist Michael Klein. We have Roxanne Klein to thank for catapulting gourmet raw food into the mainstream. Without her, people would still be thinking that raw food was just about a bunch of hippies eating carrot and celery sticks. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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