Cohda Design Transforms Your Trash

choda design chairs 03 Cohda Design Transforms Your Trash

That’s bloody rubbish, that is.

The saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” holds true on the other side of the Atlantic, too. The only difference is, we call it rubbish in the UK. Semantics aside, how do you transform household rubbish, especially hard-to-recycle plastic, into a new design aesthetic? Well, if you’re Brit designer Richard Liddle of Cohda Design, you invent a machine and demonstrate in front of a live audience.

Cohda Design’s innovative event took place from October 20 – 28 as part of the UK Design Council’s festival. The public was invited to bring plastic waste items to be broken down in Cohda’s modified industrial machinery. The plastic was then re-heated, re-formed and recycled into one long spaghetti-like strand, which was then manipulated to create colorful chairs, tables and whatever else the imagination could dream up.

choda design chairs 01 Cohda Design Transforms Your Trash

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Re:volve Apparel Project Hits Fred Segal

gfashion reevolve 01 Re:volve Apparel Project Hits Fred Segal

What have we here? Another ethical clothing label? Not that I’m complaining. Having just written an article on child labor in the cotton industry, I’m all for organic cotton clothing. And if it takes a celebrity-filled opening at a trendy clothing store to get noticed, so be it. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

TrailerWrap | Re-Fab Not Prefab

trailer wrap1 TrailerWrap | Re Fab Not Prefab

Has TrailerWrap bitten off more than they can chew? The concept of environmentally responsible housing re-fabricated from abandoned mobile homes is one thing, but their aim to alter the public’s opinion of trailer parks through design seems quite another undertaking.

But not to me. Having been raised in a cozy Midwestern college town, I grew up with a bit of a trailer park fantasy. It seemed the perfect alternative to overly spread-out suburbia – its own tiny encapsulated world within another, bigger world. I also liked the notion that you could enjoy the comfort of your home just about anywhere on the continental land mass so long as your vehicle had a hitch on the back.

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