Bluff Farm House

blufffarmhouse 01 Bluff Farm House

Australian architect Richard Cole designed the Bluff Farm House. In the tradition of isolated rural buildings, the house is conceived as a singular gesture responding to the strength of the site: a grassy terrace overlooking a meandering river facing north up a spectacular valley, next to an old eucalypt. The essential concept of the house reflects the way in which the owner has always used this place: setting up a table on the grass under the shade of the tree.

The sleeping areas are contained within encasing precast concrete walls. The lightweight steel framed roof shelters a generous living space opening to the terrace and view. A palette of raw materials; concrete, galvanised steel, sandstone, recycled timber and plywood add texture and warmth to the interior. The character of the building deliberately avoids artifice.

blufffarmhouse 02 Bluff Farm House

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Really A Glass Driveway? Ultra Recyclers Get Their Dream Driveway Made of Glass

recycled glass driveway 081 Really A Glass Driveway? Ultra Recyclers Get Their Dream Driveway Made of Glass

Photographer: Juan Walker

So, your the average Green Guy or Gal, and you dream of one day living in your very own shipping container. Right? You have the usual sleepless nights tossing and turning as you try to decide just how many to use, one, three, maybe twenty? Should you stack them, keep them all at one level or my favorite dilemma, should you use the containers only as the outer walls, and add on a roof? Right that last one is the real bitch. Well, I am sorry to say you now have another option to add to your dream list, what type of drive way will your dream container have?

Your thinking, What! Plus you have that confused, look on your face, I know that look. Dude everyone knows driveways are made of concrete in the U.S. Why don’t you crawl out of your recycled box and get a clue. Well, my Green friend, your wrong. Concrete is just but one option and in fact if you are a really container head like me, you might just want to checkout what the Cordell Shipping Container House and see what they are now calling a driveway, an awesome earthy colored layer of recycled glass, called Filterpave. Filterpave consists of granite and 100% post consumer waste glass material in a resin binder that allows rainwater to percolate through the paving, thereby reducing storm run-off, as well as providing for absorption of hydrocarbons (oil, etc).

recycled glass driveway 01 Really A Glass Driveway? Ultra Recyclers Get Their Dream Driveway Made of Glass

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