SECCO | Not For the Humorless

secco shoulder bag 03 SECCO | Not For the Humorless

Finns have a unique sense of humor. Anyone’s who’s seen Aki Kaurismäki’s masterpiece “Drifting Clouds” knows what I’m talking about.

The concept of transforming used materials into funky new products is not a new one. However, Helsinki-based SECCO’s tongue-in-cheek take on post modern design had me at their homepage, which reads like a Dr Seuss story: “SECCO was born in the Electronic Waste Age in Wasteland, in a small village in a valley between the Rubber Hills. On the horizon, you can just make out the giant Computer Mountains where the river of Qwerty springs. At the edge of the forest that surrounds the village, you can find the LP-Towers reaching towards the white clouds. From the top of the towers you have a breathtaking view across Wasteland…”

secco shoulder bag 02 SECCO | Not For the Humorless

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Noki | The Green Goth Fashion Designer Has A Message For You!

0 Noki | The Green Goth Fashion Designer Has A Message For You!

If you thought the days of Andy Warhol where gone, think again. NOKI a G/fashion designer from London England has a special message for you. Be inventive, re-use what already exist. Full-fill your on desires with your mind, not your wallet.

From the mind of Noki back in 2004


At its most obvious, Noki custom mounts a challenge, a symbolic critique or even
a form of resistance, against mainstream, mass-market, homogenous and
depersonalised commodity fashion.

Where sportswear relies on brands and powerful logos to make its selling proposition, Noki abducts these signs, reconfigures them, uses, abuses and reuses them and creates the new and unorthodox.Oink. Not pis. Geddit? With French philosopher De Certeau, the operations of Noki can be seen as tactics of the weak, pitted against strategies of the strong. David’s fast and sneaky movements, too fast for Goliath, strong, but slow and inflexible.

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From Somewhere To You | Refashioning Rubbish

recycled fashion fromsomewhere 01 From Somewhere To You | Refashioning Rubbish

Normally I don’t care for patchwork, bodices or berets — but that was before I spied the charming creations of London fashion label From Somewhere. What began in 1997 with a small capsule collection of second hand sweaters and cardigans has spawned into a much sought after design house, thanks to the ingenuity of its designers, Orsola De Castro and Filippo Ricci.

Recycling existing clothing maybe the phrase du jour in the world of green fashion, but how does up-cycling grab you? This is the simple premise behind From Somewhere. The designers strive to use “pre-consumer textile waste, such as production off-cuts, damaged fabrics and end of rolls” — including cotton, silk, jersey, tweeds, cashmere and wovens — in order to readdress “the balance between consumption and disposal.”

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Junky Styling Suits You

junky styling 01 Junky Styling Suits You

The origins of the modern suit can be traced back to 19th century England and the tailors of Saville Row. Two hundred years later, London remains at the suit’s epicenter. But this time, it’s recycled, not new, and it’s women (not men) who are making waves — or should we say ruffles.

Junky Styling’s shop and work studio is located on Brick Lane in London’s East End. According to their myspace page, the company “specializes in taking old suits and reinventing them into beautiful coats, jackets, dresses, skirts, corsets, etc., and full range of accessories that make up two collections every year.”

Junky Styling is the brainchild of best friends, Annika Saunders and Kerry Seager, who credit the idea of refashioning garments to their own experiences as impoverished teenagers growing up in 1990s London. Desperate to don something fabulous with which to go clubbing, the enterprising duo purchased men’s suits from second hand stores before deconstructing and reconstructing the pinstripes and tweeds into brave, new creations.

junky styling 02 Junky Styling Suits You

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