Global Warming Causes Climate Refugees

bangladesh 02 Global Warming Causes Climate Refugees

Photographer: tomu.cs (cc)

If you’ve being reading up on global warming’s effect on global conflict (and you should be), you know that seemingly minor temperature changes can have an enormous impact on heating up global tensions. But climate change is not only causing violent conflict over lack of usable land and food, it’s also causing a new type of global refugee to form — the “climate refugee”.

Global warming is causing a rise in sea levels, and according to the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change), sea levels rose between 9 and 20 cm over the last century. As reported by BBC News, scientists predict further increases of 9 to 88 cm by the year 2100. For some of us, this may seem like a minimal height change over a hundred year period, but for coastal regions, this rise could mean the difference between having a home and watching your home flooded with water and washed out to sea.

bangladesh 03 Global Warming Causes Climate Refugees

Photographer: TMAB2003 (cc)
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