The Road to Renewables | Australia Week 2008

globalwarming 01 The Road to Renewables | Australia Week 2008

Senior political officials, think tanks, industry experts and academics from Australia and the US congregated in Los Angeles last week for a symposium on climate change and energy. “The Road to Renewables” is a key event in this year’s Australia Week line-up. “It will focus on one of the most pressing issues facing Australia and the United States — the transition from fossil fuels to renewable technologies”, said Innes Willox, Australian Consul General to Los Angeles.

The forum explored the development of renewable technologies as well as the real-world applications, challenges and specific case studies in the areas of power generation, urban development, transportation and emissions trading. Far from the rhetoric that sometimes dominates symposiums such as these, The Road to Renewables offered a real exchange of information. Interesting questions were posed, like: what’s the one biggest game changer for the next 20 years? Responses varied from a complete move to renewables (for necessarily cutback CO2 emissions by 80%) to a reduction of energy usage (in the future, work would leave countries with low labor cost and flow to those with low energy costs) to putting a price tag on carbon.

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