Rescued Amputee Goat Shows Hope For the World

rescued amputee goat farm sanctuary new york1 Rescued Amputee Goat Shows Hope For the World

We’ve all got our emotional vices. Some people love a good chick flick. Others get turned on by the exhilaration of a hockey game. For me, the best feel-good stories are animal stories. Real ones. Especially ones featuring an underdog (or, in this case, undergoat) that bucks the odds and ends up living a good life. Like this one from the New York Times.

Last August, a stray goat was picked up from a park near Woodstock, New York and taken to an animal sanctuary run by a woman named Jenny Brown. The former television producer turned animal rights activist named the goat Albie (after Albert Schweitzer). The poor malnourished and sickly animal had been hogtied, she surmised from the injuries on his limbs, and his left leg was so infected from the injuries that it had to be amputated.

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