SECCO | Not For the Humorless

secco shoulder bag 03 SECCO | Not For the Humorless

Finns have a unique sense of humor. Anyone’s who’s seen Aki Kaurismäki’s masterpiece “Drifting Clouds” knows what I’m talking about.

The concept of transforming used materials into funky new products is not a new one. However, Helsinki-based SECCO’s tongue-in-cheek take on post modern design had me at their homepage, which reads like a Dr Seuss story: “SECCO was born in the Electronic Waste Age in Wasteland, in a small village in a valley between the Rubber Hills. On the horizon, you can just make out the giant Computer Mountains where the river of Qwerty springs. At the edge of the forest that surrounds the village, you can find the LP-Towers reaching towards the white clouds. From the top of the towers you have a breathtaking view across Wasteland…”

secco shoulder bag 02 SECCO | Not For the Humorless

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