Saab 9-X | Small is the New Big

saab 9 x biohybrid 04 Saab 9 X | Small is the New Big

The Geneva auto show this month rolled out the latest bio- and flex- fuel vehicles, but only one was awarded best concept: the Saab 9-X. Although I often view “the next generation” vehicles with skepticism, this model deserves special mention.

The engine is designed to run on E-85 ethanol and it gets some extra juice from the hybrid powertrain that turns braking energy into battery power. But these aren’t the reason the 9-X is special. Saab – which is owned by GM – put a solar panel on top of the car to collect energy both while driving on the parkway and parking in the driveway. The only other car that I can recall using solar is the Aptera (which is still miles beyond the Geneva concepts).

saab 9 x biohybrid 01 Saab 9 X | Small is the New Big

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