Schwarzenegger vs. Shriver | Grounding the Governator

schwarzenegger vs shriver 01 Schwarzenegger vs. Shriver | Grounding the Governator

We Californians have had five years to come to grips with the fact that we have a triple threat (body builder/actor/businessman) as our head of state. His unique background has made for some colorful and contradictory behaviors. For example: he donates his $175,000 salary to charity but spends $38 million of his own money on a GulfStream IV jet; he wins a European Voice award for his Californian Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, yet he flies his private jet back and forth between Los Angeles and Sacramento every day; he’s a Republican and yet his preferred method of transportation is private jet.

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Schwarzenegger| Not So Green Governor?

schwarzenegger flying jet plane Schwarzenegger| Not So Green Governor?

“The time has come to stop looking back at the Kyoto Protocol,” California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said in September of last year (via Reuters). “The consequences of global climate change are so pressing … it doesn’t matter who was responsible for the past. What matters is who is answerable for the future. And that means all of us.”

Apparently that means all of us with the exception of some of us. An article in the Sacramento Bee tells us that the Governator flies back and forth from his office in Sacramento to his Los Angeles mansion “nearly every night” on his private jet. The fact that the cost of these Gulfstream journeys comes from his own pocket (at the cost of around $10,000 an hour) may be comforting to us Californians on a fiscal level, but the global consequences are another matter completely.

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Schwarzenegger “Pimps” His “Ride”

mtv25 Schwarzenegger Pimps His Ride

Arnold Schwarzenegger took a break from governing to star in MTV’s Earth Day episode of “Pimp My Ride.” The special episode was shot as part of MTV’s thinkMTV 12-Step Campaign “Break The Addiction.” The actor-turned-California-Governor Schwarzenegger teamed up with rapper/host Xzibit to pimp out a 1965 Chevy Impala by turning it into a biodiesel classic.

Schwarzenegger was so blown away by the makeover he told mechanics to install the same biodiesel engine in his gas guzzling Hummer. Of course he’s much better off switching up to a ride that uses far less biodiesel resources per mile, but it’s certainly a step up from petroleum!

Here’s the press release via HipHopRuckus:

In accordance with Earth Day 2007, MTV and the “Pimp My Ride” crew prove that going green can get extreme, especially with a little help from a friend -California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. As part of a very special Earth Day episode airing April 22nd at 1 pm ET/PT, Governor Schwarzenegger visits Xzibit, Mad Mike and the entire “Pimp My Ride” crew at G.A.S. Galpin Auto Sports, as they take aim on a ‘ 65 Chevy Impala, and give it a one of a kind ecological alteration. Ultimately proving that power and preservation can co-exist thanks to partners at Galpin, Imperium Renewables, General Motors and others, the Impala gets an 800 horsepower diesel engine that will run on biodiesel, turning it into one extraordinary clean machine! “I would like to thank MTV and the entire ‘Pimp my Ride’ crew for shining the spotlight on the importance of alternative fuels and the fight against global warming. I am very encouraged by the great potential in converting vehicles to run on biodiesel as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Governor Schwarzenegger. “I am pleased that the power of MTV’s message will reach an audience throughout California and the nation to reinforce the benefits of alternative-fuel vehicles and protecting our environment.” Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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