Pretty Electric Scooter Lacking Details The Yamaha Divide

yamaha divide 02 Pretty Electric Scooter Lacking Details The Yamaha Divide

Now that I actually own my own electric powered bike (The Ultramotor A2B) and love it, I am obsessed with finding an even better bike. One that will go over 100 miles on a charge and at speeds up to 40 miles an hour, plus able to pull a bikewagon. I know California State law requires you to have a license if the bike goes over 20 miles per hour, but if they could design it with a switch, to let me choose, I would buy it. 20 Miles per hour is fine, but only for local trips. If I have to go all the way down town, I would never make it on my A2B.

So, today I came across this little modern looking electric bike from Yamaha, the Divide. It was announced back in 2003 so I very very late, in this discovery, but I don’t know what happened. Did it ever make it in to production? The Divide I guess is a scooter, not a bike, but it seems to be very small and even folds up. If your a boy from Texas, like me, you probly know Yamaha as the maker of motor dirt bikes. I personally owned a Yellow YZ 80, which I road endlessly. So I am guessing they know how to make a pretty cool scooter.

yamaha divide 03 Pretty Electric Scooter Lacking Details The Yamaha Divide

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Modern Clean Electric and Powerful, The Neue Electric Scooter

neue electric scooter 01 Modern Clean Electric and Powerful, The Neue Electric Scooter

I have been keeping my eye out for a new electric scooter or motorbike to use when I need to get somewhere fast or a little further away. Unfortunately nothing has really jumped out at me. Most of the Scooters or Motorcycles which use electric motors, cost a small fortune and can’t even go much further than the electric bike I already own. That is until now. A dull sounding company called KLD Technologies, has come out with the Neue Scooter. They have priced the Neue Scooter to compete with the gas powered Vespa Scooter, coming in at $3288 and $3888. The scooter using new nano-crystaline technology to improve efficiency over traditional iron-core motors and it eliminated the need for a transmission. The scooter does an impressive 65 mph and has a range of 100 miles if your average speed is 25 mph. Which in city driving, would be reasonable.

This is a pretty big deal, when you think about the competition. The VX-2 scooter by Vetrix, cost a cool $8,500 and only has a range of 35 to 55 miles. There is also the electric MotorCycle called the Enertia, which comes in at a really steep price of $12k, which also has similar speeds and distances as the VX-2.

Now your starting to see how special this Neue Scooter just might be. The only thing that gives me real pause is the heftiness of the design. I haven’t seen one in person yet, but from the photos, it looks a little bit tiny to me. I personally like the look of the Enertia, but that price tag is just not practical. When the Neue starts shipping, I may just be the first person in line.

neue electric scooter 02 Modern Clean Electric and Powerful, The Neue Electric Scooter

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Back to the Future | The Swissbikeboard

bikeboard 01 Back to the Future | The Swissbikeboard

If you’re looking for a new, zero-emission way to get from A to B, check out the new Swissbikeboard. The Swissbikeboard combines two popular “toys” (a skateboard and a bicycle), powers up with two rechargeable, lithium-polymer batteries, and sends you on your way for up to 30 miles on one charge. The style is reminiscent of Sharper Image’s Razor scooter, but looks a bit more like a popular 1950s toy scooter (remember that thing from “Back to the Future”?).

The Swissbikeboard is not your average scooter, though. It offers a juiced up suspension that allows for some radical on-street usage, meaning that it can be used for more than commuting. It is super quiet and, according to Swissbikeboard’s website, it can be used indoors. It provides a powerful braking system that makes it safe – along with a bit of user attentiveness. And it also comes in models that allow serious downhill adventure, snowboarding, and wakeboard-style water fun.

bikeboard 03 Back to the Future | The Swissbikeboard

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Over Priced Under Powered ELMOTO HR-2 Electric Scooter

elmoto hr2 02 Over Priced Under Powered ELMOTO HR 2 Electric Scooter

Before we get into the details, I would like to just say I think the ELMOTO H2 looks pretty cool. It has the fat tires, front and rear shocks all geared toward giving you a smooth safe ride. But the short distance between the seat and handle bars, seems like it wouldn’t put you in a comfortable position. But that is a minor issue. My real concern is the price vs power the bike delivers. Electric bikes which have pedals, don’t require the rider to have a license, but the governments tops their speed at 20 miles per hour. You can use the pedals to get over that cap. But bikes with no pedals, like this ELMOTO, does require a motorcycle license and can go at any speed it wants. So, when I saw the top speed was 30 miles an hour and the bike cost around $5k, I just didn’t see that value.

If you are going to make it a scooter or motorcycle, it needs to go much faster to make it worth the hassle and cost of getting a license and insurance.

I think I will stick with my A2B Ultra Motor Electric bike which cost only $2700 and goes 20 miles an hours. Plus no license or insurance required.

elmoto hr2 01 Over Priced Under Powered ELMOTO HR 2 Electric Scooter

More photos and videos of the bike after the jump.
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Vectrix ZEV | Sexy Electric Two-Wheeler

vectrix zev 01 Vectrix ZEV | Sexy Electric Two Wheeler

I’m not one of those people who likes to complain just for the sake of complaining. I’m much more solution oriented than that. So, after railing on the crazy three-wheeled Sidam Xnovo, I feel compelled to follow it up with my opinion of a better choice. And I choose the Vectrix ZEV.

In fact, if all goes according to plan, it will be my next vehicle. Why waste time going to the gas station when you can just plug in this baby and go? Called “the world’s first high-performance electric motorcycle with performance and style” and boasting a clean, efficient, electric motor, this speedy city machine has no noise or pollution and you’ll never need to change the oil.

vectrix zev Vectrix ZEV | Sexy Electric Two Wheeler

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Motorboard | Personal Transportation Device

motorboard 01 Motorboard | Personal Transportation Device

Wish you could get around town without taking a gas guzzling car or the bus? Well, Roth Motors has a really cool solution. With the look of a scooter, Roth has designed the Motorboard for urban travel. The 2000XR base model weighs only 16 pounds and has a 6-mile range with top speeds of 15 mph, thus making the Roth Motorboard a powerful personal transportation device. (Extended range battery upgrades are an option, which add only ounces to the weight of the board and provide up to a 20-mile range.)

The design of the Motorboard is unique and clever; the scooter uses the world’s most advanced nanotechnology battery cells from A123 systems (essentially the Gucci of batteries). They’re not only incredibly powerful, they’re also the safest lithium batteries around. Charge time is a little under two hours. The best part of it is, if you’re Motorboarding about and you run out of juice, the Motorboard can be kick-scooted until you get to where you can plug in your battery for re-charging.

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EasyGlider | A Unique System of Propulsion

easyglider EasyGlider | A Unique System of Propulsion

Have glider –- will travel. It’s refreshing to see that, with the multitude of transportation options available, people are still able to invent new and innovative ways to get from point A to point B. This innovation is made manifest not only in coming up with space-saving vehicles, but more importantly, vehicles that are more eco-responsible and environmentally safe.

Enter the EasyGlider, the brainchild of Funsport-systems, Inc. The EasyGlider combines the facility of an electric motor with the most biomechanically ingenious chassis ever designed – the human body.

The EasyGlider itself is basically a wheel attached to a long, slightly curved steering bar with handlebars attached. That is the basic concept. Now, add to that an environmentally friendly electric motor that will propel its user at speeds of up to 20 kph and you have a unique system of propulsion. The EasyGlider is meant to be used in concert with your inline skates, skateboard or what they call the “char,” a chariot-like trailer that’s included with the EasyGlider.

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Commuting | Don’t Get Mad… Get Scooting!

ninjamonkey03skeuter Commuting | Don’t Get Mad... Get Scooting!

Okay, we’ve all felt the L.A. rage that happens when you round a corner or enter the freeway only to be met with gridlocked traffic. We’ve all wished we could see the other end of the city through the smog on a seemingly clear day. And over the last year, we’ve all been downright pissed off every time we pump half a day’s paycheck into our gas tanks in order to “buy in” to these problems.

I’d finally had enough. It was literally driving me mad to commute back and forth to work and my few favorite hobbies – all of which are fairly local – in my gasoline car. Even if it is a lovely, fuel efficient Subaru.

It all came to a head. I had to make a change. I wanted to become more “G”.

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