An Eye for an Eye; A Shoe for a Shoe

tom shoes An Eye for an Eye; A Shoe for a Shoe

Usually, the best ideas are the simple ones. This is the case with Blake Mycoskie’s brand, TOMS Shoes. Just buy a pair of his classic Argentinian-style shoes (which are quite affordable), and a child in South America gets a free pair. These are not your mom’s Keds, mind you – TOMS are stylish, versatile, and most of all, comfortable. Already featured in Vogue Magazine, LA Times, Daily Candy, and Women’s Wear Daily, the shoes are also adored by celebrities like Sienna Miller.

Affordable, delightful, makes a difference, and G – the best of all worlds!

tom shoes 02 An Eye for an Eye; A Shoe for a Shoe

My New Brazilian Love Affair

olsen haus vegan brazil shoe My New Brazilian Love Affair

I always LOVE getting an amazing shoe or piece of clothing that is vegan & cruelty-free. I am always on the lookout for products like this. I continue the process of phasing out products that do not adhere to these principles from my life & closet.

For this reason I was over the moon about discovering Olsen haus and it’s wonderful collections. So much so that I immediately ordered what has quickly become my favorite new pair of shoes.-The Brazil shoe with the eggplant heel. These are great for running around all over Santiago, Tokyo, Mumbai, Los Angeles, Miami, Manhattan and all the other cities I get to spend time in when I am singing.

Here is a small bit of Olsen haus’ philosophy taken from their website:

Business as Usual? More like Business Unusual.
The philosophy of olsenHaus is anchored in the universal truth, respect for all beings, with a dedication to the expression of truth in the material world. We are committed to being 100% animal-free / cruelty-free, producing functional goods, with a high standard of ethical social responsibility in animal rights, human rights, and the environment.

Tom’s Shoes | Style That Gives Back

tomsshoes 01 Toms Shoes | Style That Gives Back

Espadrilles are so ‘80s… what, with their fussy wedges and the ties. Why not get your hands (or, shall we say, feet) on an aughty’s equivalent -– Tom’s Shoes, which are inspired by traditional Argentine footwear. They’re unisex, minimalist and most importantly, ethical. It’s simple concept really: you buy a pair of Tom’s, and Tom’s donates a pair on your behalf to a child in need.

Designer Blake Mycoskie stumbled upon the idea while traveling around Argentina. While he instantly fell in love with the culture and people, he was deeply affected by the poverty. He visited many villages without running water and where the children went without shoes, often leading to infection, disease and even death.

tomsshoes 03 Toms Shoes | Style That Gives Back

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Think | Modular Recyclable Trainers

think trainer 01 Think | Modular Recyclable Trainers

Like the new modular mobile container houses, designer Ben Chappell has created a very uniquely designed trainer (or, as we in the U.S. like to call it, “sneaker”) that embraces cradle-to-cradle thinking to its fullest. Think trainers. It’s a shame more products haven’t been produced using this simple, completely sustainable approach.

But I guess not everybody’s Thinking.

The Think trainers are made with only five separate parts. The design consists of no toxic chemicals. They are simply held together using a mechanical lock system instead of toxic adhesives or cements. Each individual part can be removed, replaced, or recycled at any time. If one part wears out, you don’t have to throw the shoe away, you just recycle the piece. With a variation of colors and styles, it makes it easy for the Think Shoe owner to switch up a look and customize these funky, trendy sneaks to accessorize even the sauciest outfit.

think modular recyclable trainers 02 Think | Modular Recyclable Trainers

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Olsen Haus Girly Girl Vegan Shoes

olsenhaus shoe 01 Olsen Haus Girly Girl Vegan Shoes

I was out searching for new bloggers to join G Living this morning and I came across the Girliegirl Army Blog and to my surprise, there was my friend Rory Friedman doing an interview with the blogs creator, Chloé. So, I started looking around the site and found this video of Chloé and Joshua Katcher, interviewing the founder of Olsen Haus. A highend very “G” vegan shoe line for women just like Chloé and Rory. The shoes are I guess in the mid-price range for high end women shoes. The prices I saw on the site ranged from $99 to just over $200 a pair.

The video is posted below and below the video are some details about Olsen Haus.

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Charmone | Shoes Without Skins

charmone 1 Charmone | Shoes Without Skins

Andy Warhol once said “I admit to having worn suede and leather myself for a while, but you just never felt clean, and it’s degenerate anyway to use animal skins.” Degenerate may be harsh, but Andy did have a point: will we look back on these times and think it was barbaric that we killed and skinned animals for the sake of fashion?

Ethical footwear designers Jodi Koskell and Lauren Carroll no doubt think so. They believe the process of creating PVC-free microfiber is less polluting to the environment than using leather, which relies on factory farming, formaldehyde and other chemicals as well as toxic tanneries… not to mention the fossil fuels required to breed livestock.

charmone 2 Charmone | Shoes Without Skins

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The Modern “G” Woman Can Finally Feel Stylish From Head To Doe With Charmé Heels

charmone vegan shoe 02 The Modern G Woman Can Finally Feel Stylish From Head To Doe With Charmé Heels

Thanks to Kate McGregor of Kaight for introducing me to this newly launched line of shoes by Charmone. The sculptural wedges and platform shoes designed in menswear tweeds are some of my favorites for adding some chic to your office style:

According to their website the shoes are vegan and PVC free. They use instead high-quality microfiber suedes, and water-based glues which tread lighter on the planet and are healthier for people. Their shoes are made in Europe and they’ve incorporated recycled materials into their production process, and donate 5% of their profits to charities like Women for Women International, a charity that provides women survivors of war, civil strife and other conflicts with the tools and resources they need to move from poverty and crisis to stability and self-sufficiency.

charmone vegan shoe 01 The Modern G Woman Can Finally Feel Stylish From Head To Doe With Charmé Heels

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MINK | For Environmentally Aware Feet

mink shoes 011 MINK |  For Environmentally Aware Feet

Want to wear armadillo? No? How about slip on some raccoon? Or my personal favorite, the beaver? No smirking… I’m talking about your feet. These are all styles of shoes by MINK, with animal names that are clearly tongue-in-cheek.

As a matter of fact, MINK’s custom designed “G” Shoe Line shuns leather and animal products all together, without sacrificing creativity or style.

mink shoes 03 MINK |  For Environmentally Aware Feet

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Eco Sneaks | Sustainable Flats

simpleshoe sugar 04 Eco Sneaks | Sustainable Flats

When it comes to shoes, if it don’t have six inch heels and come with a gimp, I’m normally not interested. But there’s something about Simple that captured my imagination (and hopefully my corn). With a commitment to being 100% sustainable, it’s never been more attractive to don a pair of flats.

simpleshoe sugar 01 Eco Sneaks | Sustainable Flats

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Vibram FiveFingers | Go Barefoot Sort Of

five fingers 002 Vibram FiveFingers | Go Barefoot Sort Of

Vibram’s FiveFingers look like something Spider-Man would wear, especially if you look at them from the bottom. Which is a good thing; I love Spider-Man. But I doubt that’s what they were going for when they designed them.

In a way they’re kind of the anti-shoe. Which is part of their marketing. “Go barefoot without being exposed”, they invite. Their sure-footed grip sole will act like “a second skin to offer a gecko-like grip over a variety of terrain.” And from the looks of them, it seems to be true. From what I can tell, the shoes guard your feet from rocks, sharp objects and other debris while giving you that freestyle barefoot feeling.

five fingers 001 Vibram FiveFingers | Go Barefoot Sort Of

And according to their site, the shoes promote “a natural walking motion, reducing impact on your knees, hips, and lower back.”

Here’s how they work: the specially designed sole “follows the contours and flex points of your feet” while the five fingers (or rather, toes) go in individual slots that give you a more balanced, natural movement. (Which kinda makes sense, considering that’s what toes are for. It’s like winter handwear — why put on restricting mittens when you can wear gloves that allow you to use your fingers?) Meanwhile, the Razor-siped sole protects your feet from hot pavement, sand or rocks while gripping the ground to protect you from slips.

Plus, an adjustable gizmo in the back allows you to create a personalized fit that matches your foot.

I’m guessing they take a little getting used to, but I like the idea. Plus they’re made from non-animal products, which is even better.

Do they come in Superman blue?

Georgette | Doubly Gorgeous

georgette 001 Georgette | Doubly Gorgeous

From Romulus and Remus to Mary-Kate and Ashley, two is better than one when it comes to founding the Roman empire or conquering the ‘tween one. The same applies to the world of ethical fashion. Twin sisters Katleen and Liesbet founded Georgette, their Belgian-based webstore (with a storefront in Antwerp), on the dual premise of animal-friendly materials and European craftsmanship.

From their website: “Together with small family-run companies in Italy and Spain, the girls work out exclusive collections that are made in the best non-leather and eco-friendly materials, like natural fabrics and luxurious Italian faux leathers”.

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The Flying Cow (Minus the Leather)

flying cow shoes The Flying Cow (Minus the Leather)

Shoes and Italy. These two words are very comforting to me. Just like rhubarb and custard or “24” and TiVo, they go together well. Two words that don’t sit well (in the fashion world anyway) are leather and fur. That’s the belief held by Bologna-based ethical shoe company, The Flying Cow Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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