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recycled newspaper shoppingbags Guilt Free Shopping | Handmade Expressions

What’s black and white and carried all over town? Not a nun in a parade…Considering how trendy it is, I’m surprised more retailers aren’t offering reusable shopping bags for customers. I’m not talking about the high-end grocers that charge you $15 to buy a “sustainable” bag that lets you walk around town advertising for them. I’m talking about the every day sort of store that cares about the amount of plastic they spread around the planet.

Well, here’s a BYOB idea every store can fly with: Handmade Expressions (whose motto is “Fair trade = justice + peace + love”) has cool grocery bags that measure 12”x16” and are made of several layers of used newspaper and sturdy cardboard. They’re inexpensive and customizable. Best of all, they save new paper from being produced by using paper that would otherwise go into a trash bin.

And they’re totally affordable. At 60 cents a bag, now even Mom & Pops can get you to walk around town advertising for them.

A Stylish Way To Degrade In 60 Days

60 day bag 01 A Stylish Way To Degrade In 60 Days

Finally, an alternative to the tree based paper bag. Here is a stylish flax-viscose non-woven fabric bag called 60Bags. First thing you notice about this bag, is that is actually looks pretty hot. The bag is designed to replace all those thick paper bags you get from stores like Banana Republic. The shape and design of the bag will help turn heads and get the retailers brand noticed. Plus it’s a feel good product for their customers, who can go home, toss the back in the compost pile and 60 days later, presto, more dirt for your garden.

60 day bag 02 A Stylish Way To Degrade In 60 Days

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Plastic Bag Rehab From Method

method shopping bag 01 Plastic Bag Rehab From Method

Sixteen. Nothing sweet about it. That’s the number of plastic bags the average American uses every week. Extrapolate that out to a year and that figure balloons to 100 billion. And this last one’s the killer…

1,000. That’s the number of years these plastic bags will stay on earth.

Hopefully the thought of being outlived by plastic bags will drive more of us towards a more reusable solution. The anti-plastic vibe is certainly felt at my local supermarket. You can literally feel the disapproving eyes upon you if you happen to leave yours at home, a common mistake I hate making (more on that later).

Nowadays there are so many reusable bags on the market – in order to grab me (to grab it), they need to be the perfect combination of aesthetic and functionality.

method shopping bag 021 Plastic Bag Rehab From Method

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Posh Grocery Gear

g shoppingbags Posh Grocery Gear

“Paper or plastic?” It’s the quintessential question of our generation. This G Living staff writer has made several attempts to bring-my-own-bag, without much success. Challenge #1: most grocery bags available for purchase are branded by store. Is it worth getting stoned walking into Trader Joe’s while holding a sac “logo-ed” Whole Foods? Challenge #2: I forget to bring them into the store. Ninety percent of the time. Probably because, (how do I put it delicately) the shopping bags I own are–not very attractive. However, thanks to Aussie company Envirosax I may just kick my disposable habit once and for all.

Envirosax has finally crossed the ocean and opened up an online store servicing North America. Each bag features a feisty graphic, with four collections available in all. They can be bought individually ($6.95) or as a five-bag set ($31.95) that stow away easily in a glove compartment or bicycle basket.

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