Roadrunner | Low Flow Without Low Pressure

roadrunner eco friendly low flow showerhead Roadrunner | Low Flow Without Low Pressure

We’re all guilty of taking long showers. We’ve been told that by our fathers since we were teenagers. But sometimes it’s hard to keep the time down, what when it’s hair wash, leg shave and sugar body scrub day. (Was that too much info? Sorry.) And there’s the issue of running the water until it gets hot. What do you do this time? Pick out your clothes? Brush your teeth? Shiver? I’m obviously busy gathering my various accoutrement for the above mentioned shower. Thankfully, Evolve’s Roadrunner showerhead tackles both of these wasteful water practices head-on Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Is Your Shower Curtain Unhealthy?

shower curtain Is Your Shower Curtain Unhealthy?

Sure, the internet is flooded with scary information about PVC and its dangerous off-gassing. But it’s also full of solutions that are affordable and practical.

Take the bathroom, for example. Those of us who don’t have doors on the shower (which is my personal choice, even though they require frequent cleaning) probably have a plastic water-resistant shower curtain liner. You know the one: it’s that clear thing that repels water and keeps your decorative shower curtain – the one that’s most likely made of polyester and has a pattern on it – from getting wet.

But did you know that your plastic liner is probably constructed with PVC, which — when combined with hot water — releases phthalates into the air? And, according to the Wiki, studies “involving large amounts of phthalates” have revealed that it can cause “damage to the liver and testes and cause birth defects”. Yikes!

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