Jurlique: For A Beauty That’s Biodynamic

jurlique anti aging 01 Jurlique: For A Beauty That’s Biodynamic

What were you doing in 1985? Angsting over St Elmo’s Fire? Harmonizing to A-ha’s Take On Me? Celebrating the birth of Keira Knightley? Or Greenland’s departure from the European Union? While you were doing some/none/all of the above, on a small farm in South Australia, chemist Jurgen Klein and his horticulturalist wife Ulrike, were quietly going about their business of starting an organic skincare line. That company was Jurlique.

It’s remarkable to think that this Aussie skincare company was founded when organic was, quite frankly, out of vogue. Let’s face it, the 80s were a celebration of the artificial: big hair, red lips and plenty of lycra. But 20 odd years on, Jurlique is an international brand and their organic skincare business is booming.

What sets Jurlique apart from other organic and natural skincare lines is their use of biodynamic farming. This involves paying close attention to soil health and to the earth’s cycles — which in turn affect all aspects of a plant’s life – from seeding to propagating to growing and harvesting. Not surprisingly, maximizing the living energy of plants maximizes the potency and efficacy of the end product.

jurlique anti aging 02 Jurlique: For A Beauty That’s Biodynamic

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Saaf | The perfect package

saaf skincare Saaf | The perfect package

For me, it’s all about the packaging. Give me black, sleek and chic with a hint of gold and I’m in. This versatile formula holds true for shoes, handbags, dresses, you name it. It also happens to perfectly describe the exquisite range of face and body products from Saaf Pure Skincare. This beautifully packaged skincare range ensures we stay beautifully packaged too.

Indulgent yet organic, ethical yet luxurious, scientific yet natural, Saaf Pure Skincare will help every woman’s skin to look its best. Founder Dr Mah Hussain-Gambles, a Homeopath and Pharmacologist, shuns alcohol, irritants and anything synthetic. Instead her products are packed with active ingredients like Neem Oil, Safflower Oil and Rosehip Seed Oil, which have been used in cultures around the world for centuries. Combined with some modern day mojo, the result is a range must-own items including: the Organic Ultimate Moisture Face Serum to rejuvenate the skin and smell like heaven in the process thanks to a heady splash of Ylang-ylang; the Organic Hydrating Face and Lip Balm which helps reduce pigmentation and scar tissue; the luster-restoring Organic Enriching Hair Oil; and finally, the Organic Eraser Body Oil, which new moms will especially dig as it prevents unwanted stretch marks and helps erase existing ones.

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Anti-Aging: Not a Pipe Dream

kimberly sayer skin treatment 02 Anti Aging: Not a Pipe Dream

To age or not to age. THAT is the question. Well, let’s way up the pros and cons shall we. Age brings you wisdom, experience and wealth, not to mention golf, cruises and the joy of grandchildren. Big deal. Age diminishes muscle definition, slows the metabolism, grays the hair, sags the skin and to top it all off, heralds the onset of wrinkles. Not a pretty picture. So to answer the age old question, where possible, I prefer to prevent, slow or reverse of the effects of aging by choosing the middle path…anti-aging. Luckily, Kimberly Sayer of London is a leader in anti-aging movement.

skin model Anti Aging: Not a Pipe Dream

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Nude Has Never Looked So Good

nude skin care 002 Nude Has Never Looked So Good

I’m gaga over nude’s modular, sleek and sexy packaging. That there’s stuff inside of it is a frankly a bonus. The hottest thing to come out of the UK since Kate Moss, nude is the brainchild of Bryan Meehan, the man behind the Fresh and Wild organic food stores — the UK’s answer to (and now owned by) the U.S.’s Whole Foods.

nude’s skincare line features cleansers, water, moisturizers and treatments, which are made from primarily organic, luscious ingredients such as “cupuacu, manketti, baobab and avellana to provide essential fatty acids, nutrition and hydration for soft, supple skin”. I personally recommend the Age Defense Intense Moisture, which contains buriti oil to provide antioxidant protection and smells like teen spirit (at least those teens that smell like vanilla). Airless packaging limits the need for preservatives and, needless to say, none of the products have been tested on animals.

nude skin care 001 Nude Has Never Looked So Good

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Blue Lagoon | Icelandic destination

iceland blue lagoon 01 Blue Lagoon | Icelandic destination

All the coolest organic skincare lines come from Iceland these days – think Taer, Dr Bragi, Skyn and Hannesdottir. The reasoning being, if herbs can survive an Icelandic winter (and the latest Bjork record), then they sure must be packed with potency. And then there’s all the geothermal perks too. Blue Lagoon boasts a high end skin care line consisting of masks, scrubs, creams and serums loaded with algae and minerals. But it’s much more than a set minimally packaged, super effective lotions and potions, it’s a destination.

Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s most popular attractions, and it’s easy to see why. The lagoon is filled with six million liters of geothermal seawater, piped directly from the source, which is renewed every 40 hours. Guests can enjoy the pristine environment, fresh air and pure Icelandic drinking water while benefitting from the geothermal waters active ingredients including minerals, silica and algae “designed to purify, protect and revitalize the skin”. The medicinal benefits are such that sufferers of the skin disease psoriasis will find comfort in the natural healing powers of the water, which are, let’s face it, a lot more appealing that a tube of topical cream.

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Jo Wood | A Naturally Luxurious Beauty

jrollingstone2 Jo Wood | A Naturally Luxurious Beauty

When your husband is a member of a famous rock band like the Rolling Stones, what do you do with all that spare time? Start an organic line of skin care of course–and thus the story begins about the launch of Jo Wood Organics. But just how did former model Jo Wood go from being a smoking rocker wife into queen of “green”? A quest for health sparked the shift, or more specifically, a medical wake-up call. Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, a chronic disorder that inflames the digestive tract, Wood dropped cigarettes and switched to a diet of organic-only foods. Wood began to investigate other facts about the body and discovered some startling facts about cosmetics and women’s health:

“women put on over 200 different kinds of chemicals on their skin each day, many of which are potentially harmful enough to not only disrupt hormones but are known to be carcinogenic in animals,” said Wood in a recent newspaper interview. This news inspired Wood to launch Jo Wood Organics, an organic, plant-based skin care line. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Dr. Hauschka | Healthy Winter Must-Haves

hauschka skincare 02 Dr. Hauschka | Healthy Winter Must Haves

Winter. Snow flakes. Roaring fires. Hot cocoa. And Santa, of course. Well, that’s the fantasy anyway. The reality? Dry skin. Chapped lips. Nasty colds. And localized flooding. (Or maybe that’s just our offices.) Fear not, itchy, flaky & sniffly ones. Luxury holistic skincare brand, Dr Hauschka is coming to the rescue with their winter must-have products that will keep you looking and feeling your best during this punishing season.

Founded in 1967, Dr Hauschka is a German holistic skin care company that believes beauty can be drawn from the healing, therapeutic properties of plants. They rely exclusively on ecologically and socially responsible sources for their ingredients, obtaining many from certified Biodynamic and organic sources. “Biodynamics is a holistic, sustainable form of agriculture that dates all the way back to the 1920s. It takes into account everything from the cycles of the moon and stars to the soil, plants, animals and people, with the ultimate goal of making each garden or farm a healthy self-sustaining ecosystem.” But their holistic approach extends beyond ingredients. They encourage Biodynamic farming in developing countries, support international fair trade and their iconic packaging is all eco-friendly. Natch.

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