The Skinny Bitches Wants You To Look Hot

rory freedman 08 The Skinny Bitches Wants You To Look Hot

Man, I missed those skinny bitches. Especially G Living pal, Rory Freedman, who along with former model, Kim Barnouin, have crafted a very tasty niche for themselves with their (how shall I put it) “unique” voice. After the outrageous success of Skinny Bitch — which with help from the Skinniest Bitch of all climbed its way stiletto after stiletto up the New York Times bestseller list and refused to budge — the girls are back with their follow-up, Skinny Bitch in the Kitch.

The tone is set from their opening gambit: “What’s better than eating? (If you say ‘sex’ you’re either a liar or a pervert). The answer is: Nothing! There’s nothing better than eating!” The book then serves up 75+ healthy plant-based recipes including: the Big Ass Veggie Burrito, made with whole wheat tortillas and guaranteed not to give you one; and Chocolate Suicide Cake, which incorporates unsweetened apple sauce so as not to leave you depressed after eating it. (Preferably not whole thing.)

The recipes are broken up into handy sections with deliciously imaginative titles, everything from Bitchin’ Breakfasts to PMS (Pissy Mood Snacks), Down Home Cookin’ to Happy Endings (Desserts). While Rory and Kim consider their recipes to be pretty “normal”, you will need to stock up with some skinny bitch staples: Bragg’s Amino Acid (soy sans MSG), Coconut oil (as a substitute for Olive Oil) and Agave (nectar of the Gods).

So, take it from the SBs: stop cooking crap and start looking hot! It’s hard to argue with that.

skinnybitch inthekitch 01 The Skinny Bitches Wants You To Look Hot

Looking Back | Rory Freedman On The Real G! The Skinny on Skinny Bitch

Written by Winston Gieseke

How many skinny bitches does it take to make a bestseller?

With a steady following (and the help of celebrity photo-endorsers like Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba), Skinny Bitch has become a runaway sensation. After less than two years in print, a whopping 600,000 copies exist worldwide and translation rights have been procured for seven different languages. Yes, there are wannabe skinny bitches everywhere.

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Skinny Bitch Says, Don’t Believe the Hype

rory freedman 09 Skinny Bitch Says, Don’t Believe the Hype

I get a lot of emails from readers asking various diet and health questions. Some are from people who are already in “the know” and are familiar with healthier ways of eating. Others are from people who eat shit full-time and are inspired to overhaul their diets. Surprisingly, though, it’s the former group of people who seem to be the most confused when it comes to milk.

We can all agree that pasteurized milk sucks and has no place in our diet. (If this is news to you, park your ass in a bookstore and read chapter five of Skinny Bitch.) But for some people, the waters get muddy on the issue of raw milk. Yes, pasteurization destroys beneficial vitamins and enzymes, makes milk harder to digest, and even creates free radicals. Raw milk is clearly a better choice. And if you’re a baby cow, you should insist on drinking your milk raw. But if you’re a human and you’re old enough to read this, you shouldn’t be drinking milk, period.

Mother Nature knew what she was doing. She created all mammals with the ability to nurse their young. And that’s what all mammals do. And when their offspring reaches a certain age, they’re weaned off milk and they eat solid food. Not one goes back for milk after that last serving! Not one. You certainly don’t go kicking down your mom’s door for breast milk, do you? So why in the hell would you think you need the milk of a cow or goat any other animal now, as an adult? Why would you think it’s good for you?
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Running Raw | Talking With My Friend Skinny Bitch

In this episode of the Running Raw Project: Tim VanOrden sits down for an interview with friend and breakout author of “Skinny Bitch”, Rory Freedman. Rory shares her thoughts on veganism, raw foods and success. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Raw Food Chef Sarma Melngailis | G Living Interview 2006

A look back to the beginning of G Living 2006

G Living started with a handful of volunteers, who help conduct interviews, book guest and even donated their homes for us to use as a studio. The G Living studio was actually the home of Architect Whitney Sander. The house is a beautiful modern home on the Venice Canals in California.

This interview was with

Raw Food Chef and restaurant owner Sarma Melngailis. Sarma owns a pretty famous restaurant in New York City called Pure Food and Wine. Sarma, who has many recipes and articles on G Living was kind enough to stop by with Dhrumil from to talk about her life. Our host included now famous author Rory Freedman, who wrote the New York Times best seller book, Skinny Bitch, and Boise Thomas, who co-starred on Discovery’s Planet Green show Alter Eco with Adrian Grenier. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Confessions of a Skinny Bitch

rory freedman skinny bitch gliving 02 Confessions of a Skinny Bitch

My name is Rory Freedman, and I’m a food addict. There. I’ve said it. Granted, I’m half-kidding. But only half.

A few months ago, I started to feel a little under the weather. And that pretty much never happens to me because I generally take such good care of myself. But I had a few nights that I didn’t get enough sleep, and a couple of days that I didn’t eat well and I smooched a boy I later found out was sick. I’m not blaming him if I was in my usual healthy state, it wouldn’t have mattered. I take full responsibility for having a compromised immune system. (But I do have to say: What kind of an asshole kisses a girl without telling her he’s sick?! Douche bag. Blah, blah, blahI was sick. I didn’t want to take antibiotics; I haven’t taken them in forev. But my body was taking a long time to get well. So I made the decision then and there to do a juice fast. When we eat, our bodies’ energy goes to work on the food, breaking it down and sorting it all out. When we don’t eat, our bodies energy goes to work on us, getting around to all the shit it stored while we were eating. A juice fast would keep me nourished and satisfied, but would allow my body to tackle whatever that dirty boy infected me with.

So I picked a date to start the fast. And then I moved it back. And I set another date. And moved it back. And again and again and again. I always had a good reason: I’m gonna be in a seminar this weekend. I won’t have access to fresh-squeezed juices. I’m gonna have so many leftovers from Thanksgiving. And those are my favorite foods. I have too much food in my fridge. I can’t stand to waste. I came up with so many excuses, that finally my reason was, I’m all better now. I don’t need to fast anymore.

rory freedman skinny bitch gliving 03 Confessions of a Skinny Bitch

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NYT Bestsellers Promote G Concepts

skinnybitch bestseller NYT Bestsellers Promote G Concepts

If you’re the type who looks to the New York Times Best Sellers list for reading ideas, you’re probably feeling very enlightened this week. Human awakening is a dominating theme on this week’s Paperback Advice grouping (four books out of ten, to be exact), celebrating the Skinny Bitches, the concept of a better world and Oprah.

Oprah Winfrey wrote a bestseller? What can’t she do?

She didn’t. (At least not yet.) But two of the top ten titles are the works of author and spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, who’s teaming up with the talk show goddess to offer an exclusive online class on his latest guide, A New Earth.

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Skinny Bitch Rory Freedman Joins G Living Editorials

rory freedman skinny bitch gliving 01 Skinny Bitch Rory Freedman Joins G Living Editorials

A big G welcome to Rory Freedman who joins the G Living Editorial staff.

Rory is a host on G Living Live and the best-selling coauthor of Skinny Bitch: A no-nonsense, tough-love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous. Rory will be blogging mostly about health and nutrition, but she’s pretty spontaneous, so I think we can expect just about anything from her! For more information checkout, Rory’s section on G Living or visit SkinnyBitch. To see Rory interviewed as a guest on G Living, go to The G Living Videos.

Rory Freedman | Co-Author New York Times Best Seller Book Skinny Bitch

Skinny Bitch | Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin

rory freedman 06 Skinny Bitch | Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin

Skinny Bitch is a new common sense diet book that takes a refreshingly honest approach towards a crazy diet culture swimming in half truths and insanity.

I think the title’s great. More of a joke poking fun of the pop culture slang and attitude towards women who are thin. I see the hostility all the time. Just in the superficial banter way of hating the very thing people envy. So the immediate prejudice is that there must be something wrong with them. Thin women are that way cause they are “anorexic”, or doing something else unnatural and unhealthy. While some, especially in the media do and fall into unhealthy eating disorders and mental ideas about themselves, there seems to be an underlying prejudice that it applies to all thin women who are not naturally curvy and voluptuous. And that only women who are very voluptuous are “real”. Skinny women are unnatural or just “lucky bitches“.

This book of course is all about eating healthy and real food, with the side effect of losing weight because of it. “Real” women in the media are portrayed as the ones who eat copious amounts of fast food, soda, pizza and junk and therefore are “healthy” and don’t “starve themselves”. I think that is the wrong message though and other extreme. There does not exist just the extremes of unhealthy starving on cigarettes, diet coke and diet pills vs. a “healthy” appetite of Mc. D’s and pizza. Neither approach involves “real” food and natural health, natural weight etc. While I think that everyone is different, with different shapes and metabolisms and will all look different on the same type of diet, these authors just dish out the common sense that if you eat healthy real food and stop eating so much junk, you will also lose the junk in the trunk, naturally. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

2 Skinny Bitches on the Today Show

rorysmilecc 2 Skinny Bitches on the Today Show

Skinny Bitch authors, Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin were interviewed on the Today Show to talk about the surprise success of their diet book, Skinny Bitch, 2 full years after its release. The book shot up in sales 20% in June, thanks in part to the media sensation caused by the overrated skinny Posh, Victoria Beckham. Beckham’s publicist stated that she hasn’t actually read the book, but she does follow a balanced vegetarian diet. Everyone’s talking about this book now, and it has its share of fans as well as some obstinate critics.Click here to watch the interview.

Skinny Bitch Victoria Beckham Boosts Book’s Sales

poshskinny2 Skinny Bitch Victoria Beckham Boosts Books Sales

G Living’s host and author, Rory Freedman, had sales of her book ‘Skinny Bitch’ jump through the roof — thanks in part to the spotlight British Superstar Victoria Beckham Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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