Smart Car Goes Electric In October … Ad Campaign Pure iPod

0 Smart Car Goes Electric In October ... Ad Campaign Pure iPod

Smart the little egg car that could, is adding a new type of engine to their cars, yes, a pure electric. Great news right? Well, yes and no for me. The only time I drive is when I trek back to L.A. or head out on a long trip, so all of the new electric cars rolling out really wont do me any good. I am holding out for a pure electric with a generator of some kind. Like the Chevy Volt, which is coming out soon. I hope it is going to be nice, less hmm how can I say this, less crappy than most of their cars. Plus, I hate the Chevy logo :( can’t they update that thing?

Back to the Smart Egg Car. If your a commuter and rock an iPod / iPhone, now this would be an amazing car for you. It has a range of 80 miles per charge, which should be plenty for most people. Plus it charges up from 20% to 80% in less than 3 hours. So, once you get to work you could always top it off. I haven’t see the pricing, but I am sure it wont be much more than their standard gas models, which are super cheap. Less than $20k for most models. Plus, with the Smart Car, you get the cool/fun factor, which the iPod style ad above seems to be screaming out who the target market is. The young ones, the cool ones, the ipod rocking, “G” living youth culture of the world. It’s about time products made for the “G” generation are finally here. More power to Smart Car, I hope they sell millions of them.

If you get one, send in your picts to G Living we would love to see them and hear about how you feel about pure electrics. Do they work for your lifestyle? Will you be buying one? What do you think of Chevy and the Volt or any of the new electrics rolling out?

smart electric car 01 Smart Car Goes Electric In October ... Ad Campaign Pure iPod

Smart For Two | Not the Solution But Closer

smartfortwo smartcar 01 Smart For Two | Not the Solution But Closer

This car is no concept. It’s real and you can reserve one now – if you want.

Unfortunately, with all the alternative fuel cars out there these days, I’m not sure the ForTwo is the way of the future. Smart, an offspring of Daimler, boasts about its earth-friendly production — and the small car idea is definitely overdue (use only what you need), but the ForTwo is neither fuel efficient nor practical enough to catch on.

Smart, once reviled for the first generation bouncy, boxy kitsch cars, has improved its design according to The Truth About Cars, upgrading the suspension, wheel base and gear shift. The overall size has grown by a few inches, as well, but there isn’t enough there to make me want one. If I’m going to drive something with only two seats, it needs to be either super-efficient or a Ferrari – not a boxy little car that would get eaten up by even the smallest SUV. The ForTwo gets only about 40 mpg – a good bit less than an average hybrid – and it’s certainly not viable for family outings.

smartfortwo smartcar 02 Smart For Two | Not the Solution But Closer

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Smart Fortwo | But Not Forthree Or Forfour

smartfortwo 03 Smart Fortwo | But Not Forthree Or Forfour

Just this morning, I encountered my first smart fortwo. It was parked behind my Toyota Yaris in front of the Los Angeles coffee shop I frequent. My first thought was a wish that I’d gotten one of these economical and forward thinking cars instead of a Toyota Yaris, which I purchased last summer after totaling my Prius and realizing I needed to downgrade price-wise. The smart fortwo starts at $11,590, which is half of the Prius’ lot price. I could save money and be driving around looking eco-chic again.

But alas, this is a fortwo. And seeing as how I have two kids, my car needs to be at least a forthree.

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