Pierce Brosnan Applauds NRDC Sonar Victory

navy sub sonar 03 Pierce Brosnan Applauds NRDC Sonar Victory

His name is Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan, and he is currently addressing an issue that is far more important than stopping the dreaded “Specter” from destroying one of our major metropolitan cities with a “laser” or getting Halle Berry out of a two-piece bikini (though I am not discounting in any way the import of the latter). In this instance, the issue to be addressed is not some fictional threat to the world, but rather, a threat that is all too real.

On his official website, Mr. Brosnan speaks to his joy upon learning that the NRDC (National Resource Defense Council) won the opening salvo in a court battle to stop the United States Navy from using mid-frequency sonar during training exercises off the southern California coast. This is an important victory because scientists believe that the sonar is damaging to whales and other marine life. Any action that would adversely affect the well being of these beautiful giants is not only wrong and immoral at its core, but damages the very ecosystem from which all life on this planet was spawned.

navy sub sonar 05 Pierce Brosnan Applauds NRDC Sonar Victory

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