Miraval The Green Luxury Desert Spa With Oozing Style

miraval residential villas 01 Miraval The Green Luxury Desert Spa With Oozing Style

A modern green gem rising up out of the Sonoran desert. That might be the best way to describe the Miraval. A resort spa designed by the architecture firm Miraval. Mithun’s design of 16 new single family villas at Miraval’s Tucson, Arizona resort combine the desert’s rich human history with environmentally intelligent practices and brings Miraval’s physical environment in line with its award-winning spa experience, so their site says.

The interesting part of the villa’s design for me are the Rammed Earth walls. Using the dirt from the property to create the walls, the architects, where able to give the villa’s a timeless feeling. Rammed Earth is one of the oldest building techniques known to man. But unfortunately isn’t used very often in modern buildings, because of strict city building codes.

Details about the resort:

Nestled at the base of the stunning Catalina Mountains, Miraval Arizona’s 400 acres of lush Sonoran Desert creates an inspiring backdrop that is warm and welcoming any time of the year.  The luxurious accommodations and world renowned spa, have lead the readers of Travel & Leisure, SpaFinder and Conde Nast to vote Miraval the #1 spa in the world, year after year.  The award winning cuisine is created with our fundamental belief that healthy ingredients can also mean exquisite flavor.  A complete selection of daily programs, both indoor and outdoor, in areas such as fitness, meditation, nutrition, relationships and more, help individuals learn new ways to live and feel better.  For time to relax or explore, to spend time with loved ones or with yourself, Miraval provides hundreds of experiences that make every individual’s time at Miraval unique and unforgettable.

miraval residential villas 06 Miraval The Green Luxury Desert Spa With Oozing Style

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Huski | Sustainable Australian Ski Pad

huski day spa 01 Huski | Sustainable Australian Ski Pad

There’s nothing like sashaying down the slopes on a snowboard (or it you’re old school like me, a pair of skis). Armed only with a Chapstick and a chocolate bar, you really feel alive and at one with nature…

Unfortunately, that experience can come to an abrupt halt when you’re greeted by a fleet of snow-chained SUVs at the end of your run.

But if you can get your head around skiing in June, it doesn’t have to be this way. Falls Creek ski resort in Victoria, Australia, is the world’s first alpine resort to be recognized by Green Globe 21, an international accreditation scheme for ecologically and socially sustainable tourism. No cars are allowed in the village for the entire season to “ensure the resort is fully ski in, ski out”.

huski day spa 02 Huski | Sustainable Australian Ski Pad

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