RawModel Re-Discovers Water

healthy spring water rawmodel 01 RawModel Re Discovers Water

I thought I had water figured out. Municipal tap and all its goodies like chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, and toilet paper residue were long gone from my reality. When I would see friends and family drinking it I would cringe inside. We are giving ourselves a light dose of antibiotics when we drink chlorinated water. And fluoride? Can anyone say mind control? Google “fluoride mind control” for some very interesting reading material.

I was a bottled water drinker. I hated the idea of all the plastic, but I tried as much as possible to buy gallon bottles and to reuse them for watering my plants or other duties. I figured they were quickly recycled anyways.

Then I started to learn about xenoestrogens (estrogens found outside of nature, such as in PLASTIC), and how they were totally screwing with our endocrine systems. Feminizing men and giving cancer to women…wha? Just because plastic is EVERYWHERE, doesn’t mean that its ok to use. We are not only what we eat, but also what we drink. Drink more plastic…could it be? So what to do about all of this?

I came across Daniel Vitalis through the website We Like it Raw. He has been experimenting with optimal nutrition for 15 years, going through vegan to raw-vegan to wild foods, and now even grass fed animal products. He is about thriving, and his approach to nutrition has inspired me immensely.

healthy spring water rawmodel 02 RawModel Re Discovers Water

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