The Bright Shiny Red Heart Shaped Fruits Called Strawberries

strawberries 01 The Bright Shiny Red Heart Shaped Fruits Called Strawberries

I remember going strawberry picking with my dad, sister and my brother when we were young in New Zealand. It was always a real treat when my dad said to us that we could eat as many as we like while picking the strawberries at the strawberry farm. The most beautiful part for me now is the smell. The smell of strawberries always takes me back to my childhood. It always has a refreshing spring smell and look. Besides these qualities, strawberries have the following benefits:

*Strawberries are bright shiny red heart shaped fruits with a sweet fragrance. There are over 600 varieties of strawberries that belong to the genus Fragaria and family Rosaceae that vary in size, flavor, color and shape.

*The cultivated varieties are large while the wild varieties are generally smaller in size. Wild strawberries have a more intense flavor than cultivated varieties.

*They are soft, plump and succulent with a sweetish sour taste. Ripe strawberries give out a very sweet aroma.

*The size varies from 2 cm to 5 cm in length. Color varies from bright red to deep pink, to deep orange depending on the variety. Shape varies from large heart shaped to elongated and pointy to small roundish to oval shapes.
Some have are sweeter while others are more sour, but overall they are more sour than sweet.

*The bright red shiny outer skin has numerous yellow specks on it, which are actually the seeds, and strawberry is actually a cluster of these tiny fruits. And the edible ‘fruit’ part of strawberry is a false fruit, meaning it is not grown from the ovaries like the other fruits, but the fleshy part that holds the ovaries.

strawberries 02 The Bright Shiny Red Heart Shaped Fruits Called Strawberries

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