Commuun | A Cut Above

commuun japanese fashion 01 Commuun | A Cut Above

Amidst the all excitement that surrounds socially conscious fashion these days, it’s easy to forget about the basic principle that either makes or breaks beautiful garments, green or otherwise — the cut. There’s no such oversight when it comes to Japanese design duo, Kaito Hori and Iku Furudate. Their Paris-based label Commuun has been presenting exquisite collections at Paris Women’s Ready to Wear Fashion Week since its debut in 2005.

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The Real G! | Social Atelier, Awareness Through Fashion

39” 19” 33”. No, Pamela Anderson hasn’t had (another) rib taken out. These vital stats belong to another impossibly proportioned buxom blonde: Barbie. The slogan is just one of the straight-forward social messages of the new high-end T-shirt line, Social Atelier.

social atelier 02 The Real G! | Social Atelier, Awareness Through Fashion

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Room101 | Organic Fashion Design Pioneer Howard Brown

Stewart + Brown co-founder, Howard Brown, talk about the organic fashion business; Sarah thinks Boise is bulimic.

Husband and wife duo, Karen Stewart and Howard Brown launched their eponymous line back in 2002. What started out as a basic t-shirt and bag line has evolved into a “fully contemporary, ready-to-wear collection”. Designer and mother, Karen is the embodiment the line. Living and working in the beachside town of Ventura, a few hours north of Los Angeles, she’s about as far away from a Manhattan socialite as you can get. No wonder Stewart + Brown’s designs are practical and casual with an emphasis on function.

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Stique | Zero Waste Fashion

stique zero waste fashion 01 Stique | Zero Waste Fashion

Fashion is a wasteful industry. This statement doesn’t refer to the rivers of champagne that flow backstage at runway shows or the cans of aerosol required to set the models hair; it mostly refers to the enormous amount of excess fabric that’s a seemingly inevitable by-product of the production process. Did you know that 15% of the material in cut and sew garments are tossed out?

London-based designer and graduate of the prestigious Saint Martin’s College, Mark Liu, has come up with innovative solution to this sartorial dilemma — an imaginative cutting process that thumbs its nose at waste. By cutting pieces from a single roll of fabric (like you would cut a jigsaw puzzle), Liu’s Stique line of cutting edge fashions generates zero waste. After all, says Liu, “wasted materials are bad for the environment and a loss in potential profits.”

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Guess? | From Sexy To Sustainable

adriana lima guess ad Guess? | From Sexy To Sustainable

Guess? set the bar for sexy advertising. From the former campaign bombshells (Claudia Schiffer, Anna Nicole Smith, Adriana Lima and Paris Hilton) to their current cover girl Bianca Balti, the spitting image of young Sophia Loren, who can stop traffic with her mesmerizing…smile. Sex appeal has been the winning formula behind the Guess? clothing, accessories, shoe and handbag empire. What Guess? isn’t known for is sustainability. Until now.

Putting the sweatshop labor scandal of the nineties well behind them, Guess? is doing a good turn for the environment by releasing their eco-friendly line, Guess Green, to be released later this Earth Day month. First item to get the ethical make-over? Jeans, naturally. The “pinched ankle boot cuts” are made from chemical dye-free organic denim and would pair perfectly with their organic ribbed tank “embossed with a smudgy earth and peace sign”. The hand tags are made form recycled paper and printed with soy-based ink. 10% of the proceeds will go to the Environmental Media Association.

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New Green Fashion Label from Rashida Jones

rashida jones fashion New Green Fashion Label from Rashida Jones

If you love “The Office” like I do, you’re probably a fan of Rashida Jones (daughter of music legend Quincy), who plays Jim’s former love interest, Karen. If you’re not an “Office” watcher: A) you should be – it’s effing funny, and B) you’ll probably become a fan of Rashida Jones when you find out she’s launching her own sustainable fashion label.

Laloo is the name chosen by Rashida and her business partner Angela Wilcox. I’m sure there’s a good reason for that (maybe it stands for “Love All Leftover Organic… Overcoats”?), but what’s more important than monikers are the items themselves. Their line will consist of “swingy tanks, dresses, and layerable tees in the softest organic cotton.”

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