I am pretending it’s Spring… Sweet Pea Soup! (Bite This)

spring split pea soup 01 I am pretending its Spring... Sweet Pea Soup! (Bite This)Photographer Aria Alpert

It’s still cold here. And I don’t mean kinda cold. I mean freaking cold. Like snow is still in the forecast. It’s almost April?! I don’t think I am the only one having trouble accepting this very out of control weather pattern. So, this (chilly!) afternoon I am gonna do what any full blooded California girl does when it snows….pretend that spring has sprung and make a Spring Sweet (frozen) organic pea soup!! And it worked. Well, that is until I went outside…brrrrrr… :)  

spring split pea soup 02 I am pretending its Spring... Sweet Pea Soup! (Bite This)

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