Exclusive Interview with Revenge IS

liz gemmill 01 Exclusive Interview with Revenge IS

Todays exclusive interview is with the Founder and COO from the company Revenge IS. A company focused on spreading green messages on desirable recycled products to a main stream audience.

Their Mission Statement: Global warming, energy dependence, war, economic turmoil, foreclosures and unemployment – these are some of the major crisis facing our world today. Developing alternative sources, practicing “reduce, reuse and recycle” in our everyday lives, and demanding more effective diplomatic and economic policies of our government and business institutions will help. The old saying goes “the best revenge is living well.” Our belief is that, by taking action today, we can all live well tomorrow

q question interview Exclusive Interview with Revenge ISG Monkie: Marilyn / Carly, you just started up in 2008, right in the middle of the global economic crash. Why start a company now and what experience did you have in the fashion business?

a answer interview Exclusive Interview with Revenge ISMarilyn Barrett, Founder/CEO: None. Fortunately, we have found several brilliant designers to work with who share our commitment to green eco-fashion and social justice.

The idea for Revenge Is… came to me about a year ago while taking a walk with my two favorite furry companions. The 2008 Presidential election cycle had started and the many problems facing our country and the world today were in the forefront of the news and political commentary – global warming, energy dependence, economic turmoil, and wars resulting in too many deaths and injuries. I felt angry and frustrated and wanted the people who were primarily responsible for these problems to stop…and pay for the pain and losses they caused. I know I am not alone.

a answer interview Exclusive Interview with Revenge ISCarly Miller, Chief Operating Officer: I ran Clothing of the American Mind, a socially, environmentally and politically driven t-shirt company, from 2004 – 2009, but I have no formal training or education as a fashion designer; however, I feel that often, the best education is hands-on experience, which was definitely the case for me.

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