There Are Taxis in LA | Some Are Even Green

hybrid taxi 002 There Are Taxis in LA | Some Are Even Green

Los Angeles doesn’t have a great reputation when it comes to transport. Combine our lack of a reliable citywide bus or train system with our insistence on adhering to the California Car Pool (defined by Urban Dictionary as “when each member of a group uses their own car to go to the same destination [even when] the group is together at the start or close enough to share rides”) and you’ll see why our skies are so smoggy. Or not see, as the case may be.

Enter the newly launched eco-friendly taxi service, EcoNation, which offers LA a breath of fresh air — literally. EcoNation is committed to providing chauffeured luxury ground transportation services with new ecological standards. Their current fleet consists of a Compressed Natural Gas Lincoln Town Car, the Toyota Prius Hybrid (natch) and coming soon, a GM Yukon or Chevvy Tahoe Hybrid. A ride in the Prius will cost you a little more than a regular taxi in LA, but with internet access, digital entertainment programming and healthy treats on hand, who cares?

hybrid taxi 001 There Are Taxis in LA | Some Are Even Green

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