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composting toilet 01 Composting Toilets | Green In Every Way

If you think composting toilets are just for nasty campsites, think again. They’re equally useful in the home. By breaking down human waste into its essential minerals, composting toilets transform… well, crap… into usable soil. And they’re green in just about every way: reducing water use between 20% to 50%, lowering sewage rates, reducing greywater loading, significantly lowering marine pollution and reducing the disruption of soil systems by pipelines.

Plus, if you’re sick of taking that recycling bin out every night (or too lazy), you can also put food scraps, paper, lawn clippings and grease in the toilet for composting. Because of the low water use, they’re also very useful in drought-prone areas.

composting toilet 02 Composting Toilets | Green In Every Way

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