The Enviromentals (Episode 2) How to Reduce Your Fast Food Trash

The Enviromentals are back with some more “G” Tips for those Monkies out there who Still Eat Fast Food! First, if you really are a Monkie, what the hell are you doing eating trash food in the first place? You know you should be eating healthy organic vegan foods! So drop that burger diet and get your head out of your ass. It smells down there. Now, back to the Environmentals, they basically are one of you and have some tips about all that trash you are buying (they mean the wrappers). Watch as they eat at 7 different fast food restaurants for 7 meals in a row in one weekend, and compete to create the least amount of trash. If you are one of us Monkies, you can use these tips to help your friends. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Turning Garbage Into Heat and More

garbage into heat 02 Turning Garbage Into Heat and More

Here’s one from the strange solutions category. Folks in Nairobi, Kenya are cleaning up their slums, putting people to work and providing free cooking and cleaning services by burning garbage. Skeptical? Me, too until I learned more.

The slums around Nairobi, where nearly 60% of the population live, suffer some of the worst living conditions in the world because city government does not recognize them as formal settlements and therefore does not extend any services like water, sewer, or garbage collection. So, what happens to the trash? It gets thrown in the street and nearby watercourses, creating a toxic environment where families wash clothes and children play.

That’s where “Firebox” Francis Gwehonah comes in. The self-taught incinerator man has designed a machine that burns so hot it destroys toxic chemicals that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. The heat from burning the garbage provides free cooking services for neighborhoods and hot water for washing clothes and other sanitation. Long term plans also include purifying drinking water for local residents — a much needed commodity.

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