How Green Can An Ocean Cruise Really Be?

eco cruiseship 01 How Green Can An Ocean Cruise Really Be?

As the cold, wet and dreary winter months creep upon us, it’s hard not to fantasize of hotter things – like a luxurious cruise ship heading to tropical locale. But even though cruising has become one of the fastest growing areas of the U.S. tourism industry, it’s also become one of the most highly criticized by environmental groups.

Is there such a thing as a green cruise ship? Well…

It’s no secret that cruise ships produce waste. After all, they’re like floating hotels, casinos, restaurants, and spas rolled into one. These “floating cities” carry with them thousands of passengers, tons of food, and hundreds of amenities all under one roof. Much of the appeal of cruising is the feeling of being pampered with countless activities at your fingertips doing so while en route to remote islands, historic cities, and multiple ports in a span of only a few days. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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