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The aim of brio54 is to offer functional, inspiring and affordable modern design to the masses, and from what I can tell, they’ve succeeded (at least at the concept stage). With a focus on conserving resources and promoting non-toxic living, the emerging development firm has created three designs for your viewing pleasure: the H1 suburban, the H2 urban infill and the H3 high ranch rehab.

And oh, what a pleasure they are to view.

While the company’s website is chock full of information, I found myself way too busy admiring the images and imagining myself there to read any of the text. The H1 is an imposing structure with a great looking deck that most homeowners can only dream about. The sleek and modern house seems ideal for entertaining (which is always my first criteria, whether I actually utilize it or not) and there’s even a basement, something most of us Angelenos never get to experience. And the natural lighting, provided a full side of windows on the main floor and strategically placed 2nd level ones? Out of this world.

brio54 02 brio54| Affordable Non Toxic Living

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