Smart Car Goes Electric In October … Ad Campaign Pure iPod

0 Smart Car Goes Electric In October ... Ad Campaign Pure iPod

Smart the little egg car that could, is adding a new type of engine to their cars, yes, a pure electric. Great news right? Well, yes and no for me. The only time I drive is when I trek back to L.A. or head out on a long trip, so all of the new electric cars rolling out really wont do me any good. I am holding out for a pure electric with a generator of some kind. Like the Chevy Volt, which is coming out soon. I hope it is going to be nice, less hmm how can I say this, less crappy than most of their cars. Plus, I hate the Chevy logo :( can’t they update that thing?

Back to the Smart Egg Car. If your a commuter and rock an iPod / iPhone, now this would be an amazing car for you. It has a range of 80 miles per charge, which should be plenty for most people. Plus it charges up from 20% to 80% in less than 3 hours. So, once you get to work you could always top it off. I haven’t see the pricing, but I am sure it wont be much more than their standard gas models, which are super cheap. Less than $20k for most models. Plus, with the Smart Car, you get the cool/fun factor, which the iPod style ad above seems to be screaming out who the target market is. The young ones, the cool ones, the ipod rocking, “G” living youth culture of the world. It’s about time products made for the “G” generation are finally here. More power to Smart Car, I hope they sell millions of them.

If you get one, send in your picts to G Living we would love to see them and hear about how you feel about pure electrics. Do they work for your lifestyle? Will you be buying one? What do you think of Chevy and the Volt or any of the new electrics rolling out?

smart electric car 01 Smart Car Goes Electric In October ... Ad Campaign Pure iPod

Chevy Volt| Right Name Wrong Idea?

vehicles chevy volt Chevy Volt| Right Name Wrong Idea?

Perhaps the best name for any electric car is the Volt, right? It seems to fit for the new generation of cars just like the Mustang fit for a bygone generation. Chevy’s electric/hybrid concept, the Volt, was revealed at last month’s New York Auto Show and has some intriguing features such as a long-range battery pack, hybrid and E-85 fuels technology, and revolutionary E-Flex propulsion. The car is easy to charge, using regular 110 or 220 electricity and Chevy estimates that the Volt can go 50 miles on batteries alone, making it a viable commuter option.

vehicles green chevy volt Chevy Volt| Right Name Wrong Idea?

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