G To-Go Series / Take A Drink To Go

g togo lunchbox 01 G To Go Series / Take A Drink To Go

You’ve got the food carrier and cutlery all taken care of, but all that food is likely to make you quite thirsty. What are you going to use to carry around your drinks in? What is the most G option, and the most stylish? Again, SIGG from Switzerland comes out on top. This series of theirs not only features some of their coolest looking bottles, but they are also made of non-leaching food grade stainless steel. Plastic bottles leach all sorts of carcinogens and BPA. Their other bottles are made of aluminum, which might be ok due to their coating on the inside. But you know with these that stainless steel is the best option, now you have that with the coolest designed bottles from SIGG. The above traveler oval black flask includes a detachable cup. $29.95 The blue and red oval flask options are less expensive at $19.95 and are made of the same great quality.

Built NY has created some awesome insulated sleeves for your bottles to keep them nice and cool, or warm. Made of wet-suit material, it insulates and protects your bottle, if it’s glass. Machine washable, stylish and on sale for only $8.95

g togo lunchbox 02 G To Go Series / Take A Drink To Go

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SIGG means Business

sigg new09 designs SIGG means Business

Obsessive-compulsive G Living fans know I’m a fan of SIGG. I’ve waxed lyrical about the environmental perks (sipping water from an aluminum reusable water bottles is obviously preferable to downing H2O from the plastic disposable kind), the health benefits (plastic bottles leach toxins) and the aesthetic enjoyment (top fashion designers including Michael Kors, Anna Sui and Donna Karan recently created one of a kind designs for the Swiss bottle maker). According to an article in Reuters, I’m just one of the many, many SIGG devotees. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

14 Designers Put Their Name on a SIGG

14 designers name on sigg 01 14 Designers Put Their Name on a SIGG

SIGG, the hardest working Swiss reusable aluminum water bottle makers, are back with fourteen more reasons for you to ditch disposable plastic for good. This month, Elle magazine teams up with global warming activist Laurie David in an effort to curtail global warming. Fourteen major designers were commissioned to create one-of-a-kind SIGG water bottles for our sipping pleasure. The bottles will be auctioned off on April 14.

14 designers name on sigg 02 14 Designers Put Their Name on a SIGG

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SIGG Top 100 Eco Moments

sigg100years 03 SIGG Top 100 Eco Moments

Kyoto? The Hummer? “An Inconvenient Truth”? Bono? BP? Katherine Hamnett? The Prius? Skinny Bitch? G Living? Will they make it into SIGG’s 100 most significant eco moments of the past century? And if so, where?!

For those of you in the dark, Swiss water bottle company, SIGG, and Laurie David’s environmental charity, stopglobalwarming.org, have joined forces to launch the 100 Eco Moments campaign. From today until Earth Day (April 22), they’ll be counting down the most world-changing ecological events – good and bad – that have shaped our planet.

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