Bonzai Makes Homemade Vegan Yogurt Via Crock-Pot

bonzai home made vegan yogurt 01 Bonzai Makes Homemade Vegan Yogurt Via Crock PotPhotographer: Sayward Rebhal

Yogurt is an ancient wonderfood, brimming with beneficial bacteria to keep your gut running good ‘n healthy. But standard yogurt is made with dairy milks – blech – which contain hormones and carcinogens and acids and allergens and irritants. Oh my! But no worries, making your own alt yogurt is *super* easy and totally fun. It also saves a small fortune versus buying prepackaged products (which contain a slew of additives as well).

If you already have a yogurt maker you’re super stoked – and you can still use this recipe, but follow your machine’s directions when it comes time to culture. If you’re interested in making lots of yogurt at home, a yogurt maker may be a good investment for you. They’re really quite cheap – especially if you can find one secondhand (check Craigslist!).

But, a yogurt maker isn’t necessary! I make yogurt in my crock-pot, which is one machine that’s worth the money for all sorts of reasons. (I <3 my crock so much!) But even if you have neither a yogurt maker nor a crock-pot, you can *still* make yogurt at home! Just see the note at the end of this post. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Why The Today Show Is Driving Me Crazy This Morning. Out Dated Yogurt / Sweetener Health Information!

yogurt children stonyfield farm 01 Why The Today Show Is Driving Me Crazy This Morning.  Out Dated Yogurt / Sweetener Health Information! Photographer: Ben McLeod (cc)

I find myself often disappointed by the Today Show health updates. This morning was particularly frustrating. Watch the clip and then read my comments. It’s not that what Joy Bauer is saying is WRONG per se, it’s just that the information is not very fresh, new/current and there is so much research out there showing that most of what she is saying is not necessarily right anymore. For many reasons and factors that play a role in today’s farming and processing.

You’ll see what I mean…just keep reading…

1st, Joy believes yogurt to be the BEST source of calcium, “HANDS DOWN”. I don’t believe yogurt is the best source of calcium {a harvard health study also demonstrates this}. It might be the easiest to actually consume {because most kid and adults don’t like the taste of say, spinach} but because it’s DAIRY it’s not necessarily the BEST absorbed by the body, nor is it DIGESTED properly, which is HANDS DOWN the key to absorption and utilization of minerals and vitamins. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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