Television Star Emily Deschanel (Bones) You Can’t Be Green and Eat Meat!

The Star of the hit show Bones on the Fox Network gets straight to the Green Point. Driving a hybrid and recycling are great, but they are a drop in the bucket compared to just stop eating meat. The impact of raising and killing billions of animals every year for the standard meat based diet is massive. Basically you could be a complete ass in every other aspect of your life, as long as changed to a vegan diet and you could consider your self a super green god. Pretty cool, right!

Here is Emily on her show Bones.

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emily deschanel Television Star Emily Deschanel (Bones) You Cant Be Green and Eat Meat!

  • Michelle White-Rodriguez

    Thanks for this article! I could not agree more. I was recently asked to do a “green” reality show about convincing a bride to be to do an eco wedding. When they found out that my wedding cakes were vegan, they decided not to feature me. That boggled my mind!

  • Brandi

    I guess some people have never heard of grass fed beef and pastured animals.

    Sorry, but this just shows how ignorant some people are.

    The truth is animal based foods such as beef, milk eggs and whatever other animal based food you can think of can be earth friendly and sustainable depending on how they are raised and what they are fed.

    Of course the beef and most other animal food that are available commercially are not earth friendly, sustainable or healthy, mainly because most are fed mono cropped soy and corn and given hormones.

    Just exactly where do vegans and vegetarians think the corn, soy and wheat products they eat come from?

    From mono cropped farms, just like the corn and soy that is fed to commercial beef cows and other animals.

    Do these vegans not ever think about how much woodland and prairies are destroyed just to grow soy, corn and wheat based product that many vegan base their diet on?

    The corn, soy and wheat production industries would not be where they are today if it was not for the disastrous and unsustainable mono cropping.

    If your diet is based on any mono cropped plant then your way of eating is definitely not sustainable or green at all.

    If a meat eater buys meat and other animal based foods from a local grass fed source then the way they eat is more sustainable and earth friendly than a vegan whose dies is based on soy, corn or wheat.

    People really need to understand the impact that these mono cropped foods have on the earth, I would say it is just as bad as the meat industry if not worse.

    I guess it’s easier for vegans and vegetarians to ignore any of what I have said above and only focus on meat and other animal based products and continue to try to pass the vegan diet off as being flawless and perfect.

    After saying all of this, I do like and enjoy many vegan and vegetarian recipes, however I unlike many vegans and vegetarians realize that soy, corn, and wheat based products are not sustainable or earth friendly at all and are disastrous to the earth.

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