Tesla Motors Opening Assembly Facility in Albuquerque New Mexico

teslacar 01b Tesla Motors Opening Assembly Facility in Albuquerque New Mexico

Governor Richardson announced today that Tesla Motors will build a new automobile assembly facility in Albuquerque, bringing 400 high wage jobs and a total capital investment of $35 million.

Tesla Motors, based out of San Carlos, Calif., will use the plant to produce its “WhiteStar� car, a four door, five-passenger sports sedan, which is 100 percent electric.

The Governor has directed the state’s General Services Division, and other appropriate agencies, to investigate the purchase of 100 WhiteStar vehicles for the state fleet over a two year period as a demonstration of the state’s commitment to clean energy.

Governor Richardson has also invited Tesla Motors Chairman Elon Musk and Tesla Motors CEO Martin Eberhard to work with the state to develop a package of legislation for the 2008 session to encourage and incentivize the purchase of clean energy vehicles, including hybrid and electric vehicles.

“In my role as chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, I will continue crafting policies at the federal level to ensure that the electric cars like those made by Tesla – and other companies specializing in cutting-edge renewable energy technologies – will eventually be commonplace.
Bernalillo County Commission Chairman Alan Armijo said today, “The County continues its dedication to helping create great jobs through support to quality companies such as Tesla Motors.

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