The Batman Super Electric Concept Car

nissan mixim02 The Batman Super Electric Concept Car

Electric Super Motor Batman Concept racing down your street, soon? Just like Boise (host of The Real G!), the rest of the monkies at G Living are looking for new types of vehicles to fulfill all of our transportation needs here in L.A. Now that isn’t as easy as it sounds. The current batch of greener type vehicles are not really that cutting edge, good looking or practical. There are a few that are coming close but nothing that just jumps out at us. So, whenever a new concept car comes out that might just become reality, we become very interested. Unfortunately, this Nissan concept Batman all electric car doesn’t sound like it will make it to the production line. We hope we’re wrong and Nissan takes going all electric serious and wows us with cool cars, which use super “G” electric coming straight from our studio’s roof. But as with many concept cars, this concept hints at future. The car is powered by two electric motors, front and rear, and uses lithium-ion batteries.

nissan mixim03 The Batman Super Electric Concept Car
nissan mixim01 The Batman Super Electric Concept Car

Here is the breakdown of the press releases:
Nissan plans to debut two new concept cars at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, the new Stealth Bomber look-alike Mixim Concept and the aptly named Micra Color + Concept.

The new Mixim is a compact vehicle that sports a centrally mounted driver’s seat with two passenger seats fitted on either side. Targeted towards the youth market, the interior features a computer inspired layout with diamond-shaped cut-outs littering the cabin. Powering the concept is Nissan’s ‘Super Motor’ electric powertrain running on a compact lithium-ion battery array. The drivetrain features two independent motors, one driving the front axle and the other spinning the rear and in effect gives the car AWD capability.

The car’s lines looks as though the initial clay models were hacked with a razor blade and the whole thing is shorter than the Micro minicar that’s also going to be on display the Frankfurt Show.

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