The Cozy But Modern Ehrlich House

ehrlich house 01 The Cozy But Modern Ehrlich House

What I dig most about the influx of prefab housing on the market are the leaps and bounds they’re making in terms of design and building efficiency. Not only are they popping up (literally, in some cases) everywhere, but the structures themselves are getting more daring and architecturally stimulating.

A fine example is the Ehrlich House near Chapel Hill, NC. This 3,200 square foot custom prefab was the brainchild of architect Dustin Ehrlich. Highly modern in function and form, this house was designed to reflect its surrounding rural landscape.

A stunning exterior of rusted corrugated metal mixed with wood, stone and stainless steel bring a rustic quality to the simple, hard-cornered design, giving it the feel of a modern log cabin in some sections and a futuristic shed in others. (I mean this in a good way.) Simple but very groovy is the best way I can describe it.

ehrlich house 02 The Cozy But Modern Ehrlich House

Inside, an open floor plan gives the house a virtual flow as well as an actual one. Glass walls make the interior seem open and vast, while glass doors reveal patios, a deck and a courtyard framed by the endless nature of the forest. Design-wise, examples of taste and function abound throughout. From the master bedroom’s suspended fireplace to the beautifully positioned aquatic-colored tile in the bathroom, the house has an especially cozy feel not often found in modern architecture.

And since most of the construction was done in a factory – cutting down on valuable time and resources – the onsite work took only about four months from the granting of the building permit to inhabitation. Sure, we’ve seen some prefabs that go up in a matter of days, but those structures aren’t nearly as big or elaborate as this one.

You can drool over additional photos here.

ehrlich house 03 The Cozy But Modern Ehrlich House

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