The Elemental Power of 4mula

4mula image The Elemental Power of 4mula

“Doing things the way nature intended-natural ingredients, ergonomic design, reusable packaging, and a commitment to humanitarian efforts;” these are the basic elements that make up the 4mula brand of bath and body products. When it comes to G skin care companies, 4mula is one of the most throughly developed: natural, vegan, biodegrable ingredients; 100% pure essential oils; cruelty-free manufacturing process; along with all products being free of parabens, sulfates, animal byproducts, and artificial fragrances.

“The Lab” section of their website features the benefits (body systems, physiological, and mental) of their essential oils. “The Theorem” section features more info about the brand’s history and press, but the most exciting part is the (re)user’s gallery, which is full of ideas on how customers have given new life to their 4mula bottles once the product is all used up.

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