The Enviromentals (Episode 1) How to Make a Worm Composting Bin

Monkies love composting! Really, since we are guzzling green juice all day long, we end up with a ton of semi dry veggie fiber. Each day we have over 4 pounds of waste from our Carrots, Celery, Cucumbers, Apples and Beets. So, we could trash it all and let it trap gas in a land fill, or we could give it to the worms and turn it into super compost. We decided to get some worms. We will make a video about that soon. But until we do, here is a very funny video by the Enviromentals (Hal Brindley and Leigh Ramsdell) show you how they built their worm bin.

  • Claire Alsop

    Hey man, veg fibres from your juicer are definitely not waste. Share some with your worms (god bless em) and make banana bread or delicious dehydrator crackers with the rest. Put that wondrous fibre into YOU.

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