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The Freakin Blood Sucker Isn’t Dead Just Yet, We Have A Beat

Posted By V Ol Blak On August 14, 2010 @ 5:06 pm In Monkie Journals | 9 Comments

Photographer: V Ol Blak

My name is V Blakheart or V Blak for short. A name which speaks volumes about what I have become. I am the perfect example of the typical cold hearted, logic base being, better known as a devolving, genetic, bag, sack, a.k.a. A DGBS Flesh Monkie, in Monkie jargon that is. Or if you are a member of the Red Monkie clan, I would be known as a bar bq sauce receptor or a BBSR Light Skin. Being a DGBS, I have lost control of some of my vital organs and yes this includes the freakin heart. Actually, the nano Genetic Mobile Modifier Implant (Gi Plug), targets the heart first. It’s the most troubling and toughest organ to monkify. Hence the Monkies like to get the blood sucker under control, before moving on to easier targets, such as your digestive system, tongue and those pesky organs involved in human self reproduction.

I am breaking my silence today and coming forward to tell you I don’t quite know what is going on. I am feeling something different. I know my Gi Plug is still active and in place. I can see it growing in size with each passing minute, day, and month. Clearly indicating, my progression or transformation into my final form, which if all goes well, will be that of a N.N.B. Monkie (New Nano Brain Monkie). All newly monkied beings start off this way. It’s impossible for the Gi Plug to develop a fully mature L/B. The logic brain simply takes years to achieve its full potential. It’s only after thousands of hours of tapping into the Akashic Field and the sampling of other genetic elements from the beings surrounding ones self, do you achieve the full Monkie L/Brain.

But enough of that and let me get to my point before I lose half of you Fleshies to boredom. The title of this post is, The Freakin Blood Sucker Isn’t Dead Just Yet, We Have A Beat. I know most of you thought I was going to write about the pet flee band, my dog Basil lugs around, but not today, we will get to the White Lies a little later. Today I am writing about my own long believed dead organic blood pumping, emotion emanating organ known as my heart. A post from the heart about the heart, pathetic.

My heart is showing signs of life. Not only life, but I might even describe it as a vigorous struggle for control. The heart, now awaken, has bitch slapped the logic brain into the back seat and has taken the wheel, well almost. Something isn’t working exactly as I remember from my days prior to becoming a DGBS. Something is definitely different and that is what I want to explore with you today.

Now, most of you may well have lost the feeling of your own heart long ago and just haven’t realized it. This is a common symptom of the Gi Plug and yes, I am guessing most of you have a Gi Plug somewhere on your body. They are almost impossible to spot until the advanced stages. They start off as a nano dot and grow as the transformation is coming to a completion.

The reason I say, most of you may well be heartless, is because I know for a fact, the Monkies have been busy lately, executing their latest mission objectives. Plugging a large portion of the flesh monkie population. Operation Plug and Suck. The Black Monkies do the pluggin and you guessed it, the Red Monkies do the Sucking. If you are unfortunately one of the sucking targets, I am guessing your not reading this, so I wont be addressing your particular feelings. If your a plug target, you wouldn’t really notice anything different, you would just slowly become something colder, more logical, more liberal. The fire in your gut to fleece your fellow beings, would have subsided and you may even find yourself buying less stuff. Sickening, I know.

Okay I am completely off track with this post, lets get back to my heart, the reason for writing this thing in the first place. I think I should also shift back into terms you can understand, feelings you might recognize from some earlier more innocent time in your life. You know, when you believed in love. Okay, here it goes, I think I just may be in Love. Well, my heart is in love, that is. The bastard has awoken and believes it has found another heart, another being in this sad, dying world, it needs, no wants to be one with. I know.. (gag). I would be right there gagging with you, just a few short months ago. But now, I don’t know, I have lost all control. The heart seems to have spread it’s tentacles into every sector of my being. My logical brain, which would have stepped forward and told me to straighten the f@ck up and get back to work has gone quiet. Leaving the heart to run amok with my life.

Who is this being? This woman. That simply isn’t important. Lets just say she is beyond explaining. Her beauty goes deeper than any I have ever seen. It’s as if her beauty starts at the atomic level. It’s just who she is. She is in a word, beautiful. The amount of kindness, understanding and maturity in this woman, just isn’t measurable. Which leaves me speechless after each and every interaction with her. I mean, I can’t function for hours after engaging her. I try, believe me. I try to jump right back into working on G Living or other projects and I just can’t. My mind is all tangled up with my heart and I sit here in a kind of daze, with images and thoughts of her. Yes, feelings. Now, after months of this, I can’t even seem to conjure up a single full thought, without her somehow coming into my mind. I know what your thinking. You are sitting there in judgement saying, this isn’t love, this is lust or at best infatuation. But you are only thinking that, because I am failing to fulling explain the full range of feelings here.

The feelings the heart is experiencing go so beyond anything I could recognize as a normal flesh monkie response. The heart is in complete calmness. A sense of peace has fallen upon it, and a patience to grow slowly, to explore with no desire to own or control. The heart simply wants to be near this being, this distant heart. This leads me to believe, maybe my heart isn’t doomed after all. Maybe it was just missing what it needed all this time. Another heart it truly could connect with. A heart it could beat as one with.

So there you have it, this magical being, this beautiful woman, who I believe has a Gi Plug of her own, has broken those monkie binds, which have held my heart back for so long. The binds that trapped me in a state of loss, in a unconnected netherworld. She has freed my heart to feel, to desire, to hope against all odds for a true mutual happiness, for a life connected with another.

This battle of the heart and mind is still fresh and in the early stages, so I will keep you posted, if I am able, to the outcomes of all this. Maybe just maybe there is hope for all of us DGBS Monkies. Maybe we can evolve, grow into something better and still in the end, have a heart worth keeping.

Until next time.. V Heart…

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