German Sportscar Gets 175 mpg

loremo 01 German Sportscar Gets 175 mpg

Here’s a sportscar that I could probably drive and still sleep well at night. And it’s not made in the U.S. (are you really surprised?). German manufacturer Loremo introduced their link to the sporty automobile future last fall at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the 117mpg, 2-cylinder diesel LS or the 3-cylinder diesel GT.

The secret to its efficiency can be found in its cool, yet corny name; Loremo stands for low-resistance mobile. The company focused on the two most common problems associated with fuel efficiency: aerodynamics and weight. They reduced the weight to just over 1,300 lbs – about half the weight of other cars its size – and reduced the drag coefficient by 1/3.

loremo 02 German Sportscar Gets 175 mpg

Is it safe? If you’ve ever watched Formula I racing, you know that lightweight, powerful cars can be safe, and Loremo borrowed many safety features from that “sport”. Is it fast? Well… that’s where you sacrifice. The Loremo tops out at 100 mph with one passenger. If that’s not fast enough, the GT will get you to 125 mph, but you’ll sacrifice on the fuel. Can I get one in the U.S.? Loremo, noting the “complicated and instable regulations”, doesn’t plan to sell the car here – at least not until after 2009.

The good news: the price should hover around $20,000, again beating other sportscars by a significant margin.

I’m just not sure if I’m coordinated enough to get in the driver’s seat, though.

loremo 03 German Sportscar Gets 175 mpg

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