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california academy science 01 The Living Museum | Green Design for San Francisco

Finally a truly forward thinking design here in America that incorporates both old and new, molding seamlessly into the landscape. The Living Museum, due to open this fall in Golden Gate Park, should push forward all sorts of public building design, and it should be the largest public building to earn a LEED platinum rating (which only 70 buildings worldwide have received so far).

The building is made up of three “domes” built into the ground and topped with 2.5 acres of native plants growing on a sod-style roof, an ancient technology that is making a modest comeback in green circles. From above, it looks like a series of small hills, except for several skylights that dot each hill and provide natural lighting below.

Check out a cool virtual tour of the building.

california academy science 02 The Living Museum | Green Design for San Francisco

The 400,000 square foot interior also re-thinks the way museums work. Exhibits will include a natural-history museum, a planetarium, a rainforest with free-flying birds, a coral reef inhabited by 4,000 fish, and an aquarium filled with saltwater pumped in from the Pacific Ocean. The exhibits themselves embody the museum’s dedication to the natural landscape. According to museum’s executive director Greg Farrington, “It’s not about dusty stuffed animals. It’s about human survival and living in harmony on planet Earth.”

I can’t wait to check out this place in person.

(via Popular Science)

california academy science 03 The Living Museum | Green Design for San Francisco

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