The Madeleine Inn | Frontier Vibe Makes For A Romantic Getaway

santa fe inns eco 03 The Madeleine Inn | Frontier Vibe Makes For A Romantic Getaway

New Mexico is known as the Land of Enchantment (at least according to their license plates), and there’s no place more enchanting in my opinion than Santa Fe. A land of rich American history, cultural diversity and scenery that’s simply unreal, the city is also known for its many galleries, museums and outdoor activities. (Be sure to check out the many outdoor sculptures!) It’s a great place for a romantic weekend getaway. And there’s perhaps no more enchanting place to stay while you’re there than the Madeleine Inn.

Talk about history — the Madeleine (built in 1886) was the first bed & breakfast in Santa Fe and it still maintains its Frontier Days vibe with “beautiful stained glass, ornate fireplaces, unique architectural details and period antiques.” (But don’t worry — it’s also been modernized). Talk about serenity — the inn is tucked away on a peaceful street and engulfed by lush gardens. Talk about indulgence — there’s also their Absolute Nirvana Spa, which the inn’s site calls “a soothing sanctuary from a frantic and frenzied world, where guests can find inner peace, tranquility and beauty on all levels.” If you’re in need of some natural healing (as I am), the spa uses luscious plants, herbs and spices along with the highest quality organic oils. Sign me up.

And like any 120-year-old structure, the Madeleine Inn is a work-in-progress that maintains its historic charm while rolling with the times. To that end, they’re “committed to incorporating sustainable earth policies and practices” as they go, like phasing out all of their cleaning products with natural ones, switching over to compact fluorescent light bulbs as the current ones die out, using VOC-free paints as the rooms are redone and keeping their gardens beautiful with only natural fertilizers.

Old West charm with healthy, modern necessities. Not a bad combo, if you ask me. To make a reservation, click here.

santa fe inns eco 01 The Madeleine Inn | Frontier Vibe Makes For A Romantic Getaway

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