The Outdoor Elegance of Diamond Teak

benchairssystem 01 The Outdoor Elegance of Diamond Teak

I’m not the type to get excited about outdoor furniture. To be honest, so long as a bird hasn’t visited it in advance, I’m not bothered by the style of bench I’m sitting on. But obviously I haven’t been invited to the right garden parties, because I didn’t know benches of the calibre of Diamond Teak even existed.

Part art installation, part optical illusion, Diamond Teak’s Spirit Song collection must be seen to be believed. The elegant curves are handcrafted by the design duo of Tiffany and Tiffany, using golden teak and stainless steel to create an elegant timelessness. Functional and durable with a lashing of aesthetic appeal, the collection of benches, chairs, tables and ottomans would look at home in “(posh) gardens, fine homes, snowy mountaintop retreats and tropical island resorts.”

benchairssystem 02 The Outdoor Elegance of Diamond Teak

But it is “G”? Oh yeah.

After volunteering to teach English in Costa Rica many moons ago, Diamond Teak founders Kevin and Christine Yardley stumbled upon a way to protect the country’s environment while creating jobs for the locals. After all, “a country with no trees has no future,” says Kevin. The couple grow sustainable teak on their 1,000-acre plantation, which also provides a safe haven for a diverse selection of flora and fauna.

The Spirit Song Collection. Pleasing to the eye, the environment and, of course, your behind.

diamond teak 01 The Outdoor Elegance of Diamond Teak

diamond teak 02 The Outdoor Elegance of Diamond Teak

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    Awesome furniture look. I wonder where I could found these kind of designs.

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