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The RawReform 5-Day Juice Plan for Detox and Weight Loss

Posted By Angela Stokes On March 6, 2009 @ 1:00 am In Fitness/Diet,G Living | 17 Comments

If you’re looking for a simple, practical way to spring-clean your system, how about trying a 5-day juice FEAST? Taking a break from solid foods and instead fueling your body on only fresh, raw, nutrient-rich juices is a great way to cleanse. The body gets a rest from digesting and can use that energy instead to clear out old accumulated waste. You will also be getting a break from any refined sugars, processed starches, animal products, other cooked foods or stimulants you may normally ingest. This makes a HUGE difference for most people. You’ll lose weight, feel lighter and cleaner and best of all, can use this break as a spring-board into a healthier lifestyle afterwards.

Fasting vs. FEAST-ing

Juice fasting has a very long history as a detox method, but can seem intimidating and inaccessible to many, who may fear feeling ‘deprived’. Indeed, while juice fasting, people often consume very small amounts of calories and end up feeling weak, dizzy and fatigued. It’s just not that practical for anyone living a modern, fast-paced lifestyle. That’s where juice FEAST-ing is different. Juice feasting is about getting all the calories you need in a day (e.g. 1500 for an average woman) directly from juices. You still lose weight and detox, as your body has space to work on things other than digesting solid foods, but there is no feeling of ‘lack’. It is a fast, effective and highly beneficial way to cleanse, rehydrate, alkalise and re-build your body.

Designed to suit Your Lifestyle

This 5-day plan is designed for those with busy schedules, who work away from home during the days. It involves drinking 4 litres a day of nourishing, tasty, healthy raw juices. You will ideally have a good juicer (or high-powered blender, with a nut milk bag) at home to produce your daily fresh juices, but will also be able to purchase some of your juices ready-made. PLEASE be aware of the importance of using ONLY fresh raw juices on this cleansing programme however. Pasteurised, shop-bought juices are not alive – they have been heated to a high temperature, destroying the enzyme and nutrient content. Any items you drink need to be fresh – the easiest juices to find in shops tend to be orange and apple juices, which is why they are included in this plan. If you happen to have access to other fresh juices, perhaps at a local juice bar, then by all means swap them in as substitutes. You can also substitute in fresh coconut water, straight from the coconut. Coconut water is an incredible fluid, identical to blood plasma, holding about 100 calories per pint and teeming with electrolytes. Humans can literally live on coconut water alone for extended periods. Drink it as it is or stir in green powders (like spirulina or barley grass powder) for an amazing, sweet, tasty green hit.

This juice plan is aimed too at those who may be new to juicing. Green vegetable juices are extremely healing for the body, with amazing alkalising and re-mineralising properties, but they tend to taste rather strong to most people. In this plan, the greens are mixed in with fruits, to balance out the flavours. You can adjust the ratio of fruits to greens to suit your own tastes. If you are new to greens, it will be wise to start with more fruits/carrots to sweeten the juice, then cut back slowly later.

As a point of reference, I use at least 2lbs/1kg of leafy greens per day while juice feasting. Initially this may feel too strong for you, but try to get at least one whole bunch of greens in per day and increase as your taste buds adjust. Chlorophyll (the green in greens) has incredibly healing and alkalising properties and is only one molecule different in structure to human blood. Also, it is very wise to have at least a head of celery a day while juicing, as it is the most hydrating fuel for the body (4 times more hydrating than water) and most people are de-hydrated.

Keep it all Flowing…

It is highly recommended to complement your juicing with some colonic hydrotherapy, to help your colon clear out the old waste that is being dumped into your system. The average person holds between 5-10lbs of old waste in their intestines. You may choose to do simple enemas or colemas at home, or to arrange sessions with a professional colon hydrotherapist.

Please be sure to drink plenty of pure water alongside this Juice Feast. You may feel like you are already taking in a huge amount of fluid, drinking 4 litres a day of juice, but water is a vital component. Water helps you hydrate, move toxins out of the body and keep the blood pH balanced. You can also drink caffeine-free herbal teas.

Fresh juices need to ideally be consumed as soon as possible after they are made, as the nutrient value begins to diminish and the taste will also change. Certainly be sure to store juices somewhere cool and drink them within 24 hours of squeezing. For a busy lifestyle, I recommend making up the ‘main’ juices of the day prior to leaving the house in the morning, stored in two 1-quart mason jars, which you can carry in a cooler bag or keep refrigerated.

Try to CHEW your juices, rather than just gulp them down. This will stimulate better digestion and assimilation of the nutrients. Hold the juice in your mouth, swilling and mixing in your saliva before swallowing. Try to drink slowly and consciously, so that your body can really appreciate the amazing gift you are giving it.

The 5-Day Plan

I recommend that you begin this cleanse on a weekend, as that will likely make it easier to get started in comfort.

500ml orange/grapefruit juice
1 litre kale/celery/apple
1 litre watermelon juice
1 litre kale/celery/apple
500ml carrot/spinach

500ml orange/grapefruit juice
1 litre celery/pineapple/red bell pepper
1 litre carrot/apple/ginger/lemon
1 litre celery/pineapple/red bell pepper
500ml tomato/basil juice

Working Days:
On the weekdays, follow this simple plan for success:
Squeeze fresh citrus juice in the morning to drink before leaving and make 2 litres of juice to take with you for the daytime. Buy fresh bottled juice at lunch. Then make juice again when you are home in the evening. This reduces your juicing to two kitchen sessions – once in the morning and once in the evening.

Breakfast: 500ml orange/grapefruit juice
Mid-morning: 1 litre apple/beetroot/ginger/celery/greens
Lunchtime: 500ml orange juice
Afternoon: 1 litre apple/beetroot/ginger/celery/greens
Evening: 1 litre tomato/basil juice

Breakfast: 500ml orange/grapefruit juice
Mid-morning: 1 litre pineapple/greens/celery/mint
Lunchtime: 500ml apple juice
Afternoon: 1 litre pineapple/greens/celery/mint
Evening: 1 litre carrot/spinach

Breakfast: 500ml orange/grapefruit juice
Mid-morning: 1 litre apple/celery/cucumber
Lunchtime: 500ml orange juice
Afternoon: 1 litre apple/celery/cucumber
Evening: 1 litre pear/parsley/spinach


It is important to break your feast slowly and carefully, so as not to throw the body into turmoil. Break your feast with a meal of luscious dried prunes, soaked overnight in pure water. Then try moving on to eating some juicy fruits like watermelon, tomatoes, berries or apples. Later move on to a lovely big green salad with a simple dressing like flax oil and lemon. Continue to drink fresh juices daily – at least one fresh juice a day will be of great benefit. Over the next few days, you can begin to add in more complex foods as you like, such as bananas, avocados, seeds, nuts and so on.

After gifting yourself this 5-day break from solid food, you are in an ideal position to make very healthy choices about your post-feasting food intake. If pre-feast you were eating things such as refined sugars, processed starches, animal products and so on, now is an ideal time to re-assess your choices. After 5 days of feeling clean and healthy on raw vegan foods, do you really want to go back to those other ‘foods’?

I recommend eating as high percentage of raw foods as is comfortable for you. Raw foods are the natural, healing fuel for our bodies and this is a prime opportunity to work more of them into your daily routine. This is just the beginning, so go for it and above all, ENJOY!

Dramatic changes happen on Juice Feasts and I would LOVE to see your own amazing ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos from following this plan. Email your pics, along with a paragraph detailing your name, age, weight lost and your experience of Feasting to angela@rawreform.com. You may soon find yourself on the “before” and “after” gallery on RawReform ;).

For juicers, blenders, enema bags, colema boards, raw food/juicing books, inspiration and more, visit the Juice Feaster’s Epicenter at the RawReform store.

For the complete guide to all things Juice Feast, see my book “A Juice Feaster’s Handbook”, available from RawReform. I wrote this book during my own 92-Day Juice Feast and it has helped thousands of others to Juice Feast successfully since then.

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