The Real G Tours The Wired LivingHome & Meets The Minds Behind The Project

Modern? Luxury? Green? Wow. Sounds like a job for G Living! And send me, please. We’re excited to be invited to the first ever Wired LivingHome. Off to Brentwood, California, taking you (wherever you are) to a residence that promises to serve as the benchmark for how we can live NOW. The future is here. NOW. We may not be fulfilling upon my vision of the future: the Jetsons with flying cars and instant pill meals (just add water)… but iPhones and electric cars come pretty close, and if you’re a total construction/architecture slut like me, these homes (if you’ve never seen one) make me want to swear. They’re cool. And this one is open to the public. We can get in, and you can, too.

BMW is getting in on the action by sponsoring the event, shuttling people and offering test drives with their CleanEnergy Campaign. And %s of the proceeds go to Global Green USA, the champions that enable people like you and me to afford a home like this. Look for them coming to visit us soon on The Real G.

wiredhome The Real G Tours The Wired LivingHome & Meets The Minds Behind The Project

Just over 4,000 square feet, the Wired LivingHome was designed to get a Gold LEED rating from the USGBC. And if you don’t know what all that means, you need to spend more time here. Get with the program! The Reuse People are in on this as well with minimal demolition and optimal deconstruction, using as much as possible of the old for the new. The waste that’s produced goes to Habitat for Humanity. How many organizations can I fit into one paragraph? Wired. LivingHomes. G Living. We’ll round it off at 7.

Our buddy Steve Glenn, the founder and CEO of LivingHomes, is honored to be working with Wired, who covers the future. “…The future of building is green,” he says, and Wired’s “reputation for cutting-edge design and great editorial on technology and innovation make them the perfect partner to demonstrate the balance of form, function of sustainability.”

So, it must be a good thing. And remember, as always… if it’s got design + style + fuction + the almighty green factor… it’s “G”.

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