The Rythem Shaking My Monkie Brain Now | Lykke Li

lykke li 01 The Rythem Shaking My Monkie Brain Now | Lykke Li

As you might have guessed, a Monkie like me has no real life. Which means, I don’t go out parting with friends, chat on the phone or even leave the building for more than a few hours a week. My idea of getting out is jumping on my electric bike and going to the farmers market to pick up 60 pounds of veggies to juice. For the most part, I pretty much stay glued to my eco steelcase Think Chair and stare at my three 30 inch Apple Cinema Displays. Which means I am always checking out what itunes is giving away for free and lucky for me, they give away some good stuff.

The latest gem found was a music video by the artist named Lykke Li. The song is called I’m Good, I’m Gone. The video is a bit odd, but in a good way. The entire video moves in this choppy rhythm, which seems to just an extension of how the artist herself moves on stage. Checkout both the video and the interview below.

This is the kind of music which really makes my Monkie brain hum, so I am going to go for it and buy her entire album on itunes. I will let you know how that turns out. But until them, tell me what you think of her and if you know of any other artist like her, I should know about. Unit Next Time, Get Monkied.

0 The Rythem Shaking My Monkie Brain Now | Lykke Li
  • Danielle

    I'm obsessed too!!

  • John Rae

    Really really like her honesty, originality, her hippieness (in the modern world-cuz I'm a hippie myself), and her song Possibility!!!!!!!!!!

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